Week Five: What We Learned About The Chicago Bears

Chris MurphyAnalyst IOctober 21, 2009

ATLANTA - OCTOBER 18: Quarterback Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears leaves the field in the final minutes of the game against the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome on October 18, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Falcons won the game 21-14. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)s)

The Chicago Bears game against the Atlanta Falcons was frustrating to say the least for Bears fans.  On both sides of the ball the Bears seemed to do the same thing; just give it away. 

All three phases of the Bears, however, decided to chip in on this loss.


Red Means Stop?

In four redzone trips, the Bears came away with zero points three times thanks to an interception by Jay Cutler, a fumble by Matt Forte, and a turnover on downs to end the game. 

Turnovers shouldn't happen at all, but certainly not in the redzone.  If Cutler and Forte don't turn the ball over then you're looking at six points, in which case the Bears would have only needed a field goal to win in their final drive. 


Aside From the Name, You Need Hands to Hold a Football

I'm not sure what pointy things were sticking out of the ball on Sunday night, but something must have been stabbing the Bears defenders in the hands.  Twice the Bears failed to scoop up a fumble and the next play after one occurrence, Danieal Manning dropped an interception.  Even the Bears two interceptions were fumbled. 

However, even with the miscues and trouble handling the no-huddle offense of the Falcons, the defense played pretty well as a whole.  The defensive line, however, was nowhere to be found for the second time in a row against the Falcons.

Matt Ryan was barely touched in the game and with the weak secondary of the Bears, any quarterback, let alone a very good one, is going to find an open receiver eventually.  In two games against the Bears, Ryan has not been sacked.   

The Bears defense, however, stopped Michael Turner for the second year in a row.


There is No Clever Way to Say, "The Bears offensive line sucks"

The Bears offensive line sucks.

Two huge false starts in the final drive, including one right before a fourth-and-one at the Falcons five.  This, along with a holding call, along with absolutely no run blocking up the middle, along with the revolving door known as Frank Omiyale, leads to the declaration of defectiveness of the Bears offensive line.

Start Beekman over Omiyale any time soon?

Matt Forte had 23 yards on 15 carries.  A running back can only go as far as his offensive line will allow him.  However, the terrible run blocking of the offensive line is no excuse for two fumbles by Forte in the redzone, which are not going to help his already damaged psyche. 

Cutler led the team in rushing with 34 yards and is now closing in on Forte.


Special as in Timmy from South Park Teams

The special teams was saved by a lucky interception off a tipped ball after giving the Falcons a first down for having twelve men on the field for a punt.  The Falcons would most likely have gotten at least a field goal without the interception and essentially ended the game.  

The special teams, however, were not saved after yielding a 62-yard return directly after the Bears had tied the game with a touchdown.  The return led to the Michael Turner game-winning touchdown.

Brad Maynard should get some Pro Bowl recognition one of these years for being really, really good. 


I Like My Ends Tight

Greg Olson and Desmond Clark were extremely effective against Atlanta.  They combined for eight catches for 89 yards and a touchdown.  It would be nice if this combination of tight ends took off after starting extremely slow and in Clark's case, extremely injured.


The Bears out-gained the Falcons 373 yards to 253 yards, converted nine out of 16 third-down chances, held Turner to 30 yards on 13 carries and intercepted Ryan twice and lost.

If that isn't giving the game away then I don't know what is.


News and Notes

Pisa Tinoisamoa underwent an MRI exam Monday after re-injuring his right knee in Sunday night.  He injured the same knee that held him out for three games.  This could mean a return of Hunter Hillenmeyer or just going back to a linebacking crew of Jamar Williams, Nick Roach, Lance Briggs.  Lets hope for the later.

When you have the chance, read the hilarity that is Chad Ochocinco on Twitter.

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