The Love Of Money Is the Root of All Evil: TNA Wrestling's Crazy Contracts

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 19, 2009

As much as I would love to be positive toward TNA, especially after one of the better wrestling PPVs of the year in Bound for Glory last night, I just can't let TNA Wrestling slide on this.

As we all know, not everyone who works for TNA or the WWE in fact, wrestle every single TV show and house show. John Cena takes a break from time to time, so does Triple H and Shawn Michaels. In TNA, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, and countless others take breaks too.

And of course it is okay if you don't wrestle on a given night because you still have a contract that pays you monthly, weekly, or every two weeks; like many other jobs out there. You are going to be able to put food on the table, and that is the most important thing.

However, this does not seem to be the case with TNA's contracts. Their contracts, at least for their mid-card and under-card talent, are pure garbage. See, you only get paid by the match in TNA if you are not a big name or main eventer there.

People such as Shark Boy, who has not been on TV in a while, wouldn't be getting paid unless he did grunt work in the back or had another job on the side with TNA other than wrestling.

Since he is not considered a main event talent, he doesn't get paid if he doesn't wrestle, which really bugs me. Sure, it saves the company money, because you don't have to pay the guy. But, people like Kurt Angle can sit on their butt in the back and do nothing while the money rolls in.

It is pure crap because you are not only showing favoritism, but you are taking money away from people who need it to survive.

Some would say that because these men and women get paid a nice amount of money, they don't have to wrestle every week and make every TV show.

But, when you are a lower card talent you don't make nearly as much as the Kurt Angle's, AJ Styles', and Kevin Nash's of the company.

Those men I just mentioned have a back up in that they at least get paid if they are out, then they have the nice contracts to work with too.

Meanwhile people such as Consequences Creed who does not wrestle at every iMPACT taping and house show, and is also not considered anything more than a mid-card talent, has to make sure he wrestles, or he doesn't see the money come in.

TNA creative feels for these men and women, which is why they try to get as many people as possible on iMPACT, but of course its impossible to get everyone on.

Also, there are only three TV shows a month for TNA. Then you have house shows, and that is the only place these wrestlers can get their money.

And as many of us know, TNA doesn't make a lot of money in their house shows. So, they don't pay their talent a multitude of money because they wrestle then. The TV spots are where all the money really comes from, and that is where the wrestlers have to get to.

But, it is sad that the vets don't have to do the same. The WWE pays everyone, whether they wrestle or not. Tyler Reks has not been on ECW in a while, yet he still gets his main roster spot money because that is how the WWE contract works.

Of course the WWE is a larger company that gets a lot of money coming in, so they can afford to do such a thing.

But, even when they were in the stage TNA is now, they still payed their talent the same way. If they couldn't afford to pay a lower card talent, they just released them.

TNA does not pay over half of their roster unless they wrestle. Which is just not fair, especially when you have others like Kevin Nash or Mick Foley getting paid for the limited amount of wrestling they do, and they are crap in the ring when they finally do get in there.

These young men and women are the future of your business, and you treat them like this? Who would want to go to TNA knowing all of this about your business?

I know if I was a young wrestler trying to decide which company I would want to go to, and I knew TNA wouldn't pay me if I didn't get a chance to wrestle, and the WWE would, I'd go to the WWE.

Sure, I may have a better chance of being a big star in a place like TNA which does not have as many wrestlers as the WWE.

But, at least the WWE would pay me on my way to mid-card stardom, then luckily I could impress and make it to the main event scene. But, the best part about it all, is that I'd at least get paid.

Wrestlers don't have insurance or anything like that, so they have to pay for things that others who have a nice government job don't have to.

You get benefits if you work as a mailman, and that is key because without it you'd have to pay full price for every trip to the doctor, which is not a small amount.

Say you have to have surgery, which wrestlers have to do a lot, you pay thousands of dollars. What if one of TNA's mid-carders gets hurt and requires surgery? Without health benefits he has to pay a lot of money.

Which means all that money he missed before he got hurt now comes back to bite him, because he doesn't have a lot of money left.

On top of that, he has to heal. So, he misses time and loses even more cash. It's no wonder some people in the wrestling business resort to selling drugs or something like that. They have to do so to survive sometimes!

TNA really needs to assess things like this, because to me it hurts the creditability of the company and makes people not want to work there. Sure, a guy from the WWE who made a name for himself in mid-cards like Elijah Burke could come in and make money.

He'd have a contract that pays him a large amount, and because of his fame he gets that same contract Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash do.

But, you get a guy from ROH like Kenny King to come in, he'd have to deal with all the stuff the Motor City Machine Guns and Lethal Consequences have to deal with.

TNA Wrestling has just shown a new level of stupidity here. I'm just saying.