OH!!!! It Has Been Brought'n... Raiders Reclaim Their House

kevin lurkerContributor IOctober 18, 2009

 Earlier I asked for the Raiders to bring their lunchboxes to work today

 Boy oh boy, did they ever! Everyday has it's dog and every dog has it's day

 Oakland pissed on philly today when philly came on the porch to play. Lunchboxes in hand and acting like a young Mike Tyson, it appeared Oakland had finally said " Not Today, it stops here and now". Defense dominated from the beginning. Trevor Scott was'nt scared a' nobody in green. Richard Seymour was possessed by some hateful demon. Gerard Warren went to battle w/ a big club in his hands. Morrison & Howard were all over hitting people. Tyvon Branch stayed close and laid his style of discipline on the enemy. Chris Johnson had some adversity but stayed in his game..Did you feel his hit on the swing pass making philly have to kick their last FG? BAM!! Stanford Routt taking over for Nnamdi, like a shadow, OUTSTANDING DAY. Did you feel the swinging tug of Richardson as he tossed down Donovan?

 Justin Fargas was the soul of the offense all day. Did he knock the crap out of that CB or LB on the sideline in the 3rd Qtr..a man possessed and willing to leave it all on the field and great blitz blocking! Gary Russell welcome back man, have a seat at the main table. Louis Murphy just plays his ass off every week- 2 blocks downfield to send Miller home. You have a great future brother and alot of heart. Zack Miller w/ a bulls eye on his back still produces like a Pro-Bowler he will soon become. Your a mean weapon!

 And guess who's growing up and showing some Kahonies. JaMarcus Russell remember this day! You showed a determination and will to win. You continued through some drops and just kept fighting. You know today you can be soo much more than what has been shown. Continue 365 days a year and make everyone eat their words. Please dude!! and lose a little weight alright?

 A put together Offensive Line..stepped up LARGE today. You beat a defense that was damn good and full of tricks. You said " Not Today" and slammed their asses in the door of YOUR HOUSE!!

 You made your fans very happy & proud today Raiders. Thank You for playin' like a pack of CRAZED DOGS!!!

 Lastly Tom Cable. you called out that bullshit call to the ref's..best 15yds ever given out. That made me proud