Award Ceremony No. 2: When Expectations Increase

Dann KhanAnalyst IOctober 14, 2009

And finally, we reach the time when we declare the awards. For those who do not know, awards were introduced for cricket writers by me a couple of months ago. You can check it out here.

I am not overly impressed with this month's performance. If this was the first month, everything would have been great...but it isn't. We still aren't gelling very well as a community. Repetition of topics is still happening a lot. We should allow others a chance, too.

We cannot grow so selfish that we write on everything. This was seen when assignments were given to various writers for the Champions trophy. This meant that you only wrote on your own team and not on any other. This rule was happily broken by some of our friends by finding ways out like experienced law-breakers.

I don't want to write a law book here and make everything very professional, so don't force me to do so. I take it for granted that things would be done in the proper spirit.

Also, we still haven't started to read and comment on other pieces. Believe me, doing this would help you get a greater number of comments and reads, too. Please work in these areas.

I am very disappointed about the fact that we are only having a small group of people excelling. We require everyone to shine and not just a few names. We also require some women writers to come up and don't make it a "malewashed" award function.

We are still learning, but we require to do so fast.

And now, we come to the Awards.


We start with the Most Read Piece of the Month. I am not going to go on and on about this one. It was a fairly easy choice. It goes to Sam Hampson! For his slide show Sri Lanka: Small Nation, Big Team

Congratulations to Sam. Well done.


The next one in the line is the Most Commented Piece of the Month. This goes to Gautham Chakravarthi! Another person who made his debut this month.

Gautham got this award for his Putting the Cricketer Under Microscope. Thanks for raising this debate, mate. The article stands at 44 comments.


We move on to the next award. The Comment Maker of the Month. This is something I will always value a lot. Good inputs as a writer is an easier job than good inputs as a commenter. You have to think about the topic from the other person's view and then intelligently comment.

Gautam Chakravarthi, who by now is an expert at winning awards, won this one, too.

I have used up all my vocabulary already for this man and his great contribution, so I will not waste time congratulating him again. I would just say thanks to him for being such a good mate.


After this, the next category is the Most Interactive Person. Anyone who has been an all-rounder. He has commented a bit, written a bit, and has been good. And this has gone to Gautham Chakravarthi again!

Gautam's contribution has also been given in the form of highlighting some particularly brilliant pieces of work for me. So the person who has won the Best Writer award also has Gautam to thank. Thanks for bringing the best pieces to my attention and making my job easier.


The next award is the Most Prolific Writer of the Month. I will just leave it by declaring that Gautam Chakravarthi won! Our Gautam is having a purple patch just like Gautam Gambhir had. 

I would like to add that there were people who wrote more. But their content was below standard level.


After this, we come to the Best Debut into Cricket Section. We've already seen the new writers getting various awards, but let's now come to the award made specially for them. For this award, again we have a tie.

It went to Sam Hampson. Sam has shown great skill. Both his articles this month reflected a clear thinking within the mind and a good use of vocabulary. Well done, Sam. I am very pleased to have you around.


Now, we come to the Article of the Month. There were some fantastic pieces written during this period. Some pieces with emotion, some with absolute thought, some with innovation, but all with good skill. It was very difficult for me to decide. Almost impossible to do it.

But finally, after thoroughly going through the eight shortlisted pieces two or three times, I selected Of Cricket, Controversies, and Change Management by Chandra Jayaramakrishnan! So now Chandra has won this award twice in a row. It is unfortunate he doesn't find time to write more than just one piece. Otherwise, who knows where he would have been?

Along with him, Dave Harris got the award for his series of articles under "Diary of a Club Cricketer." I know I am giving it to him for more than one article, but these pieces are incomplete without one another, so it is important all of them get recognition. I am leaving the link to the first part only, but the rest should also be looked at. Diary of a Club Cricketer: Part One.


Lastly, and one of the most prestigious awards, the Best Writer of the Month goes to...a very good writer. I will not waste our precious time. It is once again...Gautam Chakravarthi!

Getting four awards is simply fantastic. I had decided not to give more than three to a person. But sometimes you just can't help it.


Congratulations to all the award holders.

I would like to mention Vishrut Aggarwal, my fellow Jury member's name. He selected the Best Writer, Most Commented Piece, and Most Prolific writer. Thank you, Vishrut, for your contributions.

For the next month, we will not allow Gautam Chakravarthi to get anything for a change. He is this month's jury member alongside me.

Thank you all.