Announcing Cricket Awards

Dann KhanAnalyst IAugust 13, 2009

Hello friends,

Not only is this the announcement of awards, it is also my way of communicating to you all that I am your new cricket community leader at Bleacher Report.

Some of you may think I am boasting and advertising myself a bit to much, but I am basically trying to say hi to a large audience. And of course, it goes without saying that I am at your disposal 24/7.

So at any point if you need help (which I think should be a rarity given the amount of talent we have here) I am there.

Now let's move on to how the system works


The Awards

1) The best writer of the month

2) The most prolific writer of the month

3) The article of the month

4) The most read piece of the month

5) Most commented piece

6) The comment maker of the month

7) The most interactive person of the month

8) Best debut into cricket section


Criterion for selection

The best writer of the month.

So what would be looked at will be; the clarity of thought, content, quality of English, and variety you provide when you write your articles. Pick of the day votes will also be considered but will not be the main selection criterion. Comments by other people on your pieces will also be taken into consideration

Another factor will be your ability to answer the questions regarding your articles in the comment threads. It is very important for a writer to be able defend his position. So replying to comments also has a part to play.

Also, a minimum of three articles have to be written per month by you or else you will not be considered for this award. This is for a simple reason, a good writer also has to be regular. I say that because his regularity would also help the cricket section improve.

All these awards are also there to help the cricket section improve along with you getting recognised for your work.

The most prolific writer of the month

The most prolific writer, is the writer who writes the most number of pieces in a month. But wait, that does not mean you get the award if you write five articles a day. Your pieces also have to have some decent quality material in them. Material makes a huge difference here.

We don't want articles being posted by the dozen without a solid content. This might affect the quality of the cricket domain. So keep this in mind when you write.

The article of the month

This award just requires one good submission by you. If your article passes all the criterion I have mentioned for becoming the best writer, plus it shows these qualities in a greater measure than any other article, then you win the award.

Innovation and originality will also be one of the main criteria when articles are looked at in this category

The most read piece of the month

I think this is the most self explanatory award. Winning this award might be very easy, just write on one of the popular topics.

But still, I have kept this category because it reflects your popularity levels as a writer, and your capability to pick the popular topics. So you should be recognised for that.

Most commented piece

Most commented piece is one which raises a big debate. And one of the ways to be a good writer is to raise such debates. So again I will make sure you are recognised for that. Though a certain attention will also be paid to the kind of comments written.

A small amount of attention would also be paid to the number of comment maker. At times there are only two people having a very long conversation. So it is important we look into that too.

The comment maker of the month

Best comment maker of the month would be given to someone who not only comments a lot, but puts a lot of thought into them. People who comment a lot are very important. They keep the discussions going and help writers learn. They also give us some crucial points. These points are often the basis for new articles.

The most interactive person of the month

Any person who reads, writes and comments well, will be considered as a candidate to become the most interactive person. Also, how friendly you are with he other members and how much you help them grow is something that I will be looking into.

Interaction covers all this. The person would be some kind of an all-rounder. He is someone who can really take the cricket section far.

Best debut into cricket section

This is the last category. And is only for the the writers who write for the first time on bleacher or write for the first time on cricket. This is to encourage them to write more and help them feel at home.


The Jury

So far there is me and there is Rocky Getters. Anothe rperson is being talked to but is not confirmed yet.

Members of the jury will not be looked at for any of the awards.


Things to keep in mind

In order to help yourself win an award, don't unnecessarily show another person in bad light—it will affect your chances. But I am very sure that none of you will look to get into these kind of politics.

Also, these awards are only incentives to perform. You do not have win an award to prove that you are extremely good. And consistency over a long period of time will be acknowledged even if you don't win anything, so don't worry.


When does the month start?

The 15th of every month—so this month will start on the Aug. 15th.

On the 13th of every month I would be declaring the results on my Community Leader Bulletin board. But for the next two months—so that we get used to this—I will be launching the result in the form of an article too.



These awards are unofficial and are only for our own use and to improve quality. They do not count with Bleacher Report (but I would still advice you not to take them lightly, recognition within the section is not a bad thing)

Also, this does not mean that the regular Bleacher writer ranking for the section does not count. But these awards will count as much within the section.

Any question you have can be posted as comments. Also make sure you post a link of each article on my bulletin board. So that I don't miss it.