Pregame Into Week 6: Giants @ Saints

Michael BruckContributor IOctober 13, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - AUGUST 29: Mike Bell #21 of the New Orleans Saints runs against Tommy Kelly #93 of the Oakland Raiders during an NFL preseason game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on August 29, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

In week 6, the 5-0 New York Giants take a trip to the Easy to have a showdown in a battle of the unbeatens against the 4-0 Saints. There are so many things that affect this game and so much that could happen. There are amazing stats from one team, injured players coming back from another and an all around high-scoring, hard-nose, game of the week football game this Sunday.


The Giants have a great all around power house football team. They are the number two overall offense averaging 417 a game (#9 in passing, #4 in rushing), and the overall number one defense allowing only 210 total yards per game. Ya, this is great considering they have the number one pass defense, but oh wait, they have the number 16 rush defense, yes number 16. This can cause major problems for the Giants if they can't find someway to improve that stat (even after playing the Raiders you would think they drop more than just three spots?) because Mike Bell returns to the playing field. Even though Bell is out of the best RB spot in total yards due to an injury, he is still the best overall RB averaging 115 yards per game. Is a threat to New York? Probably not. Of course they still have an outstanding pass defense that I believe could shutdown Brees for a third straight week, but they are going to need to be able to stop the run as Bell and Thomas are on the field. Doing this plus interceptions will easily get the ball in Manning's hands which is the key to beat New Orleans (scoring and not giving them the ball). The other problem for New York is for Manning to not be intimidated by the obnoxious New Orleans crowd and to be 100% aware of the lurking Darren Sharper. Sharper has recorded 5 picks (NFL best) and proved lethal with a 99 & 97 yard interception return for 6. As the leagues #9 QB Manning won't have many problems proving how dangerous his recievers (Nicks, Smith, Manningham) are. Hitting those guys for big plays could be a key to this game, but dont count out Bradshaw and Jabobs who are both in the top 10 in rushing yards!! They will be key in third down conversions and giving what may be needed to help score as many points against New Orleans!

KEY FACTORS TO A GIANTS WIN: Connecting every drive and avoiding the turnovers, Manning having a great day hitting key recievers long and even short, Bradshaw and Jacobs stepping up and converting big play for New York, Giants pass defense doing what they're doing and intercept and shutdown Brees, the rush defense finally stepping up and stopping Bell and Thomas from converting big plays.


They have a huge test this week. Period. The good thing is they are backed by one of the best home crowds which could easily be an advantage. Let's talk about the offense of New Orleans. Drew Brees has thrown 9 TD's so far  and is #11 in pass yards per game but no TD's in the past two weeks. A big part of this game for the Saints is for Brees to step and do his best against the top ranked pass defense. The return of Bell could also help the Saints convert on third and short or on the goal line. The Giants have the #16 rush defense, so Bell and the overall #2 rushing game having a field day may be key, if Brees can't step up for a third straight week. The Saint's face another problem: they have never faced a defecit this year. That's a problem considering that the Giants might get ahead of them. They need to prepare to play a game out and never give up and prove they can overcome defecits. Like the Giants, Williams' gang needs to show up again and this one more unpredictable thing. The only QB's the Saints secondary has faced is Stafford, Kolb, Edwards, and Sanchez. Shutting down Manning is huge and the the surprising new secondary needs to shutdown Manningham and Smith. It's a challenge but it need to be done and proof needs to be shown that this is a dangerous secondary. The #7 rush defense of the Black and Gold also some work cut out for them. They need to hammer Jacobs and Bradshaw not allowing them to go over 150 combined and stop and stuff them on key plays.

KEY TO A SAINTS WIN: Stop the Manning and really prove how dangerous this new secondary is, Brees having a good day even against the number one pass defense, the #2 running game taking advantage of the #16 run defense, the 7 rush defense stuffing he run game to stop key play, allowing Manning to score few points and scoring on every drive.


2 Top 10 RB's and the #4 Rush Game (New York) VS. #7 Rush Defense

#2 Rush Game (New Orleans) VS. #16 Rush Defense (New York)

#11 Passing Game (New Orleans) VS. #1 Pass Defense (New York)

#9 Passing Game (New York) VS. #11 Pass Defense (New Orleans)

#2 Total Offense (New York) VS. #3 Total Offense (New Orleans)

#1 Total Defense (New York) VS. #6 Total Defense (New Orleans)

To sum it up, you have some fantastic teams playing this week, no questions. Their stats are absolutely incredible for both teams. The pass game and pass defense are the only stat outside the top 10 for New Orleans which are both at only 11, and the rush defense that's 16 for the Giants. This game is going to be so high scored and close. By the stats the stats the Giants look better but the Saints have it going for them. They're backed by a home crowd and the Giants pass defense will probably do great, but the number 16 Rush D? You have the #2 & #3 total offenses going head-to-head as well as two top 10 defenses. I think the Saints grab the home win 34-31