SOS In The Raider Nation

SlayerNationContributor IOctober 12, 2009




Jesus Christ brothers and sister of the very proud nation what is going on with our team? Where is the shining light i saw in the last two games of the 2008 season?

Where is the change Tom Cable Promised us last season?

i find it very hard to believe anything that comes out of Cables mouth i mean a blind man can see that The Raiders are having problem's i see it, everyone in The Nation see it, so quit trying to cover up Sh*t and sweep it under the rug like its nothing we are not buying it!  

we see that our team is sinking fast and sinking deep it seems that our team has given up hope, and looks to be another long season what changed from a very great hard fought game in San Diego to such a down fall that it looks like there is no return from this Abyss and its only week 6!!!!

i don't understand i feel like your not even trying out there Cable there is no emotion from you i wanna see you get PISSED, MAD, ANGRY!!!! get in a player's face push over a table argue with the ref's show me same damn passion in the game and wtf is up with you babying Russell yell at the damn kid get on his ass "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT RUSSELL?!?!?!? YOU CALL THAT A PASS!?!?!?" your the Coach, say something to get him fired up but instead we get,.......nothing

i cant tell you how frustrating it is to see our team struggle the way it has this season and see other teams that are supposed to suck do so good i just don't get it wtf is happening? 

i don't do much with my life other then work  and train in MMA, when im done with that i go home and take care of my kids and it's all repeat for me Monday-Friday  but Sunday's, Sunday's is what i look forward to the most in my week its what i live for (by sides my kids of course)but man every team i see our team take a snap and see Russell throw the ball it turns my stomach because its either going to be a incomplete or possibly A Interception

And Russell our Franchise QB what can i say your a Embarrassment to our team your attitude and QB playing shows you have no motivation nor heart to play this game, i don't speak on behalf of The Raider Nation i can only speak for my self and i am sick and tired, and tired and sick of defending you and you s**ty throws on the field, i no longer claim you as my QB, not until you show me some heart but that well probably never happen 

and that leaves me to our Two Rookie WR's what the F* Cable Two Rook's as our starting WR's that's insane don't get me wrong Murphy Has Been great most of the time but DHB sit his a** down and have Higgins or even Walker Start i mean come on Cable Both those guys are healthy and wondering why they aren't getting play time

and whats going on with our run game? everyone was talking about us having three good  healthy RB this season and them doing great thing's we where even going as far as naming them "The Three Headed Beast" or "Slash,Dash, and Smash" either way the have not lived up to expectations and have let us down

our Defense has been pretty good i really cant say anything Bad about them, if you took more snaps then you Offense does id be pissed off too and would be tired of playing Iron Man Football cause it seem like they are always out there playing out there hearts on the field

but i don't know if thing's are going to get better but i can only hope i will never take my colors off  i will always show them with pride and when people in public ask me why i wear these colors even when my team is losing and aren't i Embarrassed to have them on i have one simple answer for them....

WIN, LOSE OR TIE IM A RAIDER TILL I DIE brother,...... Now go F*uck yourself \m/