Affliction: Banned Predictions—Next Big Thing or Next Big Bust?

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 3, 2008

First things first, Elite XCBS was a disaster. That is the last I am talking about it. The best way to move on is to not speak of it.

Starting with Elite XCBS, this summer is a very big trial for the UFC—first we had a company with a major TV deal, and now we have another company with a major star-studded event.

Affliction has a PPV deal, and the prelim fights will be shown on FoxSports. While it is no CBS deal, or even a SpikeTV deal, FoxSports for your prelim fights is a step in the right direction.

Breaking down the Affliction card, after doing much research, I am begininng to think the card is going to be a bust more than a big thing.

Don't get me wrong, Fedor will probably live up to expectations, but I think the rest of the card might be little bit more people past their prime, and a little big less big star showdown. And I am only going to cover the main part.

I just don't think that Affliction has invested in enough new and upcoming talent, and focused too much of their money on stars that are burning out.

Ben Rothwell does not have an official opponent yet, so I will edit the article when his opponent is announced.

Renato Sobral vs. Mike Whitehead

Mike Whitehead:

Notable Wins: Ben Rothwell

Notable Losses: Tim Sylvia (2), Brandon Vera, Keith Jardine

Renato Sobral:

Notable Wins: Jeremy Horn, Mauricio Rua, Elvis Sinosic, David Heath

Notable Losses: Fedor Emelianenko, Chuck Liddell (2), Dan Henderson, Kevin Randleman, Jason Lambert

Mike Whitehead of TUF2 fame and Renato "Babalu" Sobral, a long-famed fighter who recently caused some controversy are going to stand toe-to-toe, face off. While Whitehead has the size advantage as he jumps from Light Heavyweight to Heavyweight, I feel he just won't be able to stop Babalu's Jiu Jitsu. Look for the latter to win by submission.

Winner: Renato Sobral


Matt Lindland vs. Fabio Negao

Matt Lindland:

Notable Wins: Phil Baroni (2), Ricardo Almeida, Pat Militech, Travis Lutter, Jeremy Horn

Notable Losses: Fedor Emelieanko, Quniton Jackson, Murilo Bustamonte, David Terrell

Fabio Negao:

Notable Wins: Roan "Jucao" Carneiro

Notable Losses: Demian Maia, Rousamir Palhares

This one doesn't seem as tricky as others. Negao is a renowned BJJ artist, meaning Lindland could have some trouble on his back, but Matt "The Law" Lindland is a notable MMA Legend.

I think unless Negao gets lucky, Lindland will more than likely dominate.

Winner: Matt Lindland


Josh Barnett vs. Pedro Rizzo

Josh Barnett:

Notable Wins: Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira, Jeff Monson, Aleksander Emeileanko, Mark Hunt, Dan Severn.

Notable Losses: Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira, Pedro Rizzo, Randy Couture (he actually beat him, but failed the drug test, thus he cheated. That’s a loss in my book), Mirko Cro Cop (3)

Pedro Rizzo:

Notable Wins: Andrei Arlovski, Jeff Monson, Mark Coleman, Tank Abbott, Dan Severn, Josh Barnett* (seems like an important win in this one)

Notable Losses: Kevin Randleman, Randy Couture (2), Gan McGee

While Barnett does have a win over Nog, Nog got one right back on him, and if you look at the rest of his wins, they are just not quite the top-level talent that you would boast to have wins over.

The same with Rizzo—his two most notable wins are Arlovski and Barnett. I think Rizzo will take this one standing, and come out on top again.

Winner: Pedro Rizzo


Fedor Emeilieanko vs. Tim Sylvia

Fedor Emeilieanko:

Notable Wins: Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira (2), Mark Coleman (2), Mirko Cro Cop, Richard Arona, Kevin Randleman, Heath Herring, Renato Sobral, Gary Goodridge, Matt Lindland

Notable Losses: Tsuyoshi Kohsaka (by cut, fight stopped early. His only loss.)

Tim Sylvia:

Notable Wins: Andrei Arlovski, Jeff Monson, Ben Rothwell, Brandon Vera

Notable Losses: Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira, Randy Couture, Andrei Arlovski, Frank Mir

Well, honestly I'm not going to beat around the bush, everyone thinks Fedor will win, and I agree. His standup is good, his ground game is amazing, and I don't think he will be stopped. Sylvia has a good takedown defense, but not good enough to stop Fedor. Fedor has fought taller and bigger, and I think this win will push him back to the top of everyone's No. 1 list.

Winner: Fedor Emeilieanko



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