The Night Before and A Glass Of Kool-Aid

kevin lurkerContributor IOctober 11, 2009

  Join me in a long quenching glass of what could very well happen in the Meadowlands tomorrow. Remember.. this is football and on any given sunday, your stats and predictions can take funny bounces just like that pigskin has been known to do.

  The Raiders must have hit " rock bottom"... it really cant get much worse. Analysts, columnists, " experts" are all laughing at this team and it's downward spiral into the abyss. Nobody expects the Raiders to even be able to compete with the Giants tomorrow no matter who starts at Q.B. Their only question is " by how many points" will the Giants beat them.

  My pre-game hope is that the members of the Oakland Raiders are listening

  Somewhere deep inside they have the ability to say with determination " I've had enough of being embarrassed, this stops NOW". Players dont like to lose and worse they dont like to get disrespected. Listening to Gilbride(off coor) today I heard him say he would be " surprised" if the Raiders "do something different" as far as leaving Asomugha on his side of the field. Sheridan(def coor) actually said the phrase " from what I understand they have excellent speed".

  Hear that!! Raider coaches and players.

  That means your gettin' punked, your getting no respect, no real consideration. They are just gonna show up, do what they always do, and your gonna fall down and lose.

  Reach down and find your pride. Resurrect your will to win. As the winds whip up in that stadium tomorrow, so should your anger. Remember you are the autumn wind.

  Im not gonna go into detail of game planning. Many here are much better in details of such. Simply commit yourselves as an individual first and as a team second to manifest your will and anger into action. Every play, every down. This team has the players to compete Will you show up tomorrow?? or do you like being laughed at. I dont.... thats when I get pissed off and know I wont stand for it anymore.

  Your hanging on the edge of a season right now. Who you play does not matter...your always playing yourself.

  Tonight that Kool-Aid tastes good