Oakland Raiders: All The Optimist That Is Left In Me

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IOctober 10, 2009

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 04:  Quarterback JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders at Reliant Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

With the Oakland Raiders about to play an almost-sure-loss against the Giants on the road, their record currently sits at 1-3. That isn't terrible but the next 4 games are going to bring at least 3 more losses. I hate to say it, but its very likely, and that's what I feel like writing after 6 seasons of losing and not an extreme amount of promise this year.

I am not saying that I'm done being a Raider fan, I'm just done being over-optimistic.

For the Raider fans that have started writing this recent off season, you remember our high hopes of 11-5/10-6/9-7 records that we thought were realistic. I would be very surprised if any of those become true.

 I started the off season before that, and all the Raider fans here thought the Raiders could go 10-6. We went 5-11.

There are some valid excuses for that season: Lane Kiffin, injuries, Javon Walker, DeAngelo Hall, etc. We also delivered promise in the last two games. But it wasn't long until it all turned into "we still have hope".

Even though we are only one-fourth of the way with this season, the "there's still hope" in my mind is becoming slimmer and slimmer. If this continues, all the optimistic left in me will be gone. the Loyalty still there, the optimistic part of me gone.

But while there is some little amount left in me, here's where all of it is...

Chaz Schillens gets back on the field

Does anyone know when he is? You just can't have two starting rookie WRs with a developing QB in Jamarcus Russell. But if this happens soon, lets see what we could have at the WR spot:

1.Chaz Schillens

2. Lois Murphy

3. Javon Walker. PS: he's healthy

4. Nick miller whenever he gets back

5. JLH coming in every once and a while for a catch-and-run

Jamarcus Russell improves...soon!

I don't have to say much on this one, do I? He did kinda improve against the Texans, but overall this season, you cannot defend JR with saying he has two starting rookie receivers who are missing routes. If you ask me, Louis Murphy isn't doing half bad. Jamarcus has sucked this year. And that's true.

Running game gets better

Wasn't this the main reason for all the high hopes this year? Actually, now that I think about, this was also the reason two years ago. Well, how about that Darren McFadden

I personally think that he is a great talent, and his line is doing bad, but if he is really good, he'd have a few more yards, don't you think?

Well, tomorrow its Bush's turn. We'll see how that goes.