Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up!!!!!!! The Circus Is In Town.

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Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up!!!!!!!  The Circus Is In Town.
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Washington is 2-2 and the wheels are starting to come off.   Snyder and Cerrato have hired an offensive consultant essentially questioning the play calling of Zorn.  Blache is not speaking to the media and Portis is calling out Sellers for lack of blocking.  Boy, talking about a dysfunctional family.  If Zorn is a lame duck coach, then what is the need for an offensive consultant?  If Zorn is not going to be around next year, then why not let the season take its course?  Is there some sinister plan in the midst?  Why is Blache being mum with the media?   Is there something that he knows and if questioned the cat may inadvertently be let out of the bag?  Is Portis the designated player/spokesperson for the team?  Whatever is going on the stage is being set for the inevitable dismissal of Zorn somewhere down the road.  Zorn was never the coach of choice for Snyder and Cerrato.  He became the “fill in the blank” coach until the coaches of preference became available.  Just think about it.  The only coaching hire by Zorn was Sherman Smith.  The rest of the staff was already in place.   Zorn inherited the quarterback Campbell.  The success rate of new coaches inheriting the starting quarterback is very low.  Basically, all of the following  variables were set in place for Zorn to fail:  1. Coaching staff already in place before he was hired;  2. No head coaching experience;  3.  No play calling experience;  4.  Not on the list of head coaches preferred;  5.  Inherited the starting quarterback who never had to compete for the starting job;  6.  Inherited an out-spoken RB who is an owner favorite;  7.  Inherited a below average offense with a weak offensive line;  8. And he possesses a laid back personality.    Add these variables to the fact that you are working for a hands-on egotistical owner like Snyder with butt-boy Cerrato choking on Snyder’s droppings and you are doomed to failure.  When Marty Schottenheimer was hired by Snyder his first order of business was to fire Cerrato.  What does that tell you?  Anyway, the circus goes on.      

      Washington is playing a Carolina team that is desperate and due for a game that showcases their true potential.   With a two headed explosive running attack, a quarterback that can hurt you and due to come out of his slump, a wide receiver that is among the best in the league and a defensive end that is capable of destroying the rhythm of an offense by himself, Washington has its hands full.  This is the best winless team Washington has faced by far.  I anticipate a rout by the Carolina Panthers as the circus in Washington continues.   


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