Changes Need to Be Made In Oakland...Now

David ThompsonContributor IOctober 8, 2009

Oakland Raiders, the first thing that comes to mind is, terrible. Being a Raider fan for 18 years, even that is hard to swallow. The truth hurts and like a true fan i stick to them no matter what. Love them, but seriously things need to change, first things first the Al Davis situation, many think that his time has come to an end, that quite possibly be true.

 Think for a second, why exactly are we loosing and continuing to be horrible. Defensively the Raiders against the run were 31st last season, this season as of right now prior to week 5, are 27th. Not a big difference as things seem to be getting worse as the defense stays on the field 3/4 of the game. Want to blame Rob Ryan for it? Doubt it. He leaves maybe things will get better. Let’s face it his scheme's were bad but, at the same token not much improvement now with a "revamped" defensive line. Teams do not have to pass on if they playing ahead all game long, and who would know running would take you to victory over Oakland week in, and week out.

Now let’s flip the side that is so bad and is almost impossible to explain and describe in one article. And try and keep you interested. '04, 07' 08' '09 these years were the years we drafted offensive players. The supposed Achilles heel of this team, we have not drafted over the seventh pick. On paper it looks like we would have a stacked young core offensive artillery that would only develop and grow. How is this possible? The NFL draft, plain and simple just signifies that you one really does not know what is a good pick or not. Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper Jr. Todd McShay can predict what they want but it comes down to solid players. Robert Gallery is the only one i can think of that has come into his own. All the others have failed to catch their stride. Is it lack of scouting, knowing who to pick?

Tom Cable call the plays for the Raiders on offense i respect this for one reason, he is the guy the leader on this team and this is a huge sign of leadership to take this responsibility. Now is it the play calling that is veering us away from victory?

The last thing offensively that comes to mind is inexperience. A good majority of the starting roster lacks the playing/starting time in the NFL. Zach Miller is a stud probably the only standout on offense. Is Jamarcus that bad or is it the young receivers that are running bad routes. The timing could be off as well because of the inexperience. Nevertheless, Zach Miller has been a consistent target for Jamarcus Russell. That could be an indication of two things; one, Receivers are too young, two Zach Miller is just that good that he can make a quarterback's job easier.

All these questions are still to be answered it is unclear as to the solution, but these theories and questions can make one think about what is really the concern. Anyone can just say the Raiders suck, but do they really know why? ALL of these questions to be answered by the team as the time progresses.

Bringing up the rear, or Just Winning Baby, Raiders4Life! ‘Til I die.