Detroit Lions Sign Zack Follett, Release Darnell Bing; More Changes To Come?

Ross MaghielseCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2009

When Jim Schwartz announced the final 53-man roster after the final preseason game, he cautioned that nothing was set it in stone.

“This is not a 16 game scholarship,” said Schwartz, adding that players would need to maintain a consistent level of performance in order to keep their jobs.

Some shuffling has already been done, with Yamon Figures and Adam Jennings been tossed back and fourth, the re-signing of defensive tackle Chuck Darby and now the addition of linebacker Zack Follett.

Follett, a seventh-round draft pick of Detroit this year, was originally released as part of the final cuts this preseason. He was signed the practice squad, and has now been activated to the regular roster. Linebacker Darnell Bing was waived.

I saw Follett play a couple times in college, at California, and was impressed with his talent. He is very raw and somewhat undersized, but has the type of moxie this team needs. The kid has a lot of confidence and talent, not to mention the P word (potential). Why the Lions released him in favor of Bing to begin with was baffling to me.

Before Follett even arrived at mini-camp with Detroit this summer he said he was looking forward to “knocking people out”. His primary responsibilities will come on special teams, but if Ernie Sims’ injury lingers, he may see some snaps during the game as well.

Similar moves are being made by teams all around the league, as coaches have a better evaluation of their talent after four regular season games. Other members of the Lions should take notice, particularly those listed on the depth chart in the secondary and responsible for special teams coverage.

Now that Schwartz has seen what his team is capable of, or isn’t capable of, at this point in the season, more shuffling may take place. There are a lot of unemployed football players out there that may end up on an NFL roster during the next few weeks.

A makeover may be coming for the bottom half of Detroit’s roster.