Dx Vs Legacy : The Match That Saved The Ppv From a Total Fiasco?

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2009

The latest PPV of WWE Hell in a Cell was one of the worst ppvs of the year!The booking was really bad, I mean how can you have Taker vs Punk as an opening match? Also the fact that there was no blood made it unrealistic.The match that saved the night was DX vs Legacy, but before i start telling you why it actually saved the night lets make a quick review of the other matches: Undertaker defeated Cm Punk for the world heavyweight title , I excpected this to happen but the way WWE made Punk look like your typical jobber made me really angry in addition the match lasted less than 15 minutes.We saw Orton defeating Cena for The WWE title in a ''decent'' match and we also saw Jerishow defeating Batista and Mysterio for the Unified tag team titles.Mickie James defeated Alicia For the Womens championship in a 5 minutes match that did not have any memorable moments and we had Kingston (The Jamaican From south Africa ) defending his title in a match against Swagger and the Miz.The U.s title match didn't have any memorable moments either and i believe that the WWE is making Kingstons reign bigger than it should be.JO-MO and Ziggles had a good match with Morisson keeping his title even though It seems like WWE is doing everything so that Ziggler doesn't get the IC title.

Now , lets move on to the Main event of my article, DX VS LEGACY!!!Although i wasn't a fan of the idea of a Hell In a Cell match between those two I have to admit that the match was great.It begun with Ted and Cody attacking DX from behind , after some brawling Triple H was locked out of the cage letting Michaels alone in the villainous hands of Legacy.Michales of course made Legacy look great in the ring and we had a lot of great moments : Legacy doing a double clothesline on Shawn, Legacy hitting Shawn with the steel door etc the only issue i have is that Shawn didn't bleed and that Legacy could have easily pinned Shawn for the victory(maybe WWE wanted to show that Legacy didn't care about winning or losing, they only cared about damaging DX)Then we would see Triple H entering the ring and locking Ted out of the cell, Cody was tortured and even get hit with the hammer.Shawn would take the pin giving the victory to DX.

This match didn't just show that DX still dominate, it showed that Ted and Cody can put on a great show even though Michales made them look extra-good.The score for this match is a solid B ( if there was blood it would have been an A)