Who Will Kimbo Slice Face Next?

Todd ParmeleeSenior Analyst IJune 2, 2008

Early in the Elite XC post fight press conference Saturday night, Gary Shaw announced that Brett 'The Grim' Rogers would most likely be fighting Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in his next fight.

Rogers, who had just knocked out his third Elite XC opponent in the first round, did what he could to change this.

“I want to put it like this, I seen some shit tonight,  I seen some garbage ass shit tonight from one of the heavyweights.” Rogers, who is 7-0 as a pro, said, “Slice, that was just terrible."

Rogers made these comments unprovoked by the media. At that time, Kimbo had yet to show up at the press conference to defend himself.   

When Kimbo was told by one of the reporters that Rogers was unimpressed by his performance, he initially had little to say.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” he said.

Minutes later, the subject was brought up again when a reporter asked Brett Rogers who he would rather fight, Bigfoot Silva or Kimbo?

Rogers stepped up to the microphone and once again let the gallery of reporters, and this time Kimbo, know how he felt.

“What I saw in this man tonight was just garbage,” Rogers stated bluntly. “I am going to speak it real.  It was garbage and you did tap out.” 

Kimbo stood to his feet with the look he normally gives one of his predetermined knockout victims in the ring.

“That sounds like a challenge big dog,” an angry Kimbo said.  “That is a challenge. Set it up G”  [referring to Gary Shaw].

Gary Shaw tried his best to stand between the fighters and restore order to the press conference.

“Sit down, Sit down,” Shaw repeated numerous times. 

“That motherfucker is going to call me out like that,”  Kimbo is heard saying.

“You will have your day in the cage,” Shaw said during the brief unrest.

Eventually order was restored when the other fighters, including Robbie Lawler and Phil Baroni intervened. 

What remains unclear is who Kimbo’s next opponent will be. Also, is Rogers going to fight Antonio Silva or will Elite XC possibly let Kimbo fight a seemingly equal striker like Rogers. 

Rogers did knock out Kimbo’s opponent, Thompson, on February 16th.  He even did it in more impressive fashion, just 2:38 into round one. 

Elite XC and Gary Shaw will surely let the two get in the cage to settle the score, but when?  Could this possibly be the headliner for their July 26th event, or their fourth and final event on CBS when they may be clamoring for a new deal?

Remember, Shaw was critical of Dana White for how he handled the debut of Brock Lesnar in the UFC. Specifically his choice of Lesnar’s opponent, Frank Mir, an experienced top-tier heavyweight.

“I feel badly because Brock [Lesnar] could’ve been a star and he [Dana White] ruined him right off of the bat. It was a bad match-up."

Shaw knows the fight game and how quickly the hype surrounding a fighter can dissipate because of a bad loss. 

Eventually, though, he will have to let Kimbo Slice and Brett Rogers settle their feud in the cage. For now, one can only speculate when it will be and, for fight fans, hopefully it is sooner rather than later.

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