Tom Brady/Randy Moss Lead Top 10 QB/WR Combos in the NFL Right Now

Casey HCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

1. Tom Brady/Randy Moss: 23 touchdowns.  Brady will find a way to get the ball to Moss even if he has to toss it up for him in triple coverage. Somehow he always ends up with it.

2. Tony Romo/Terrell Owens: Romo has proved himself to be a top quarterback and Owens has easily become his favorite target. Get your popcorn ready because this show has just started.

3. Peyton Manning/Reggie Wayne: Manning and Wayne connected for 1,510 yards, leading the NFL. Even when Wayne is the number two guy, he still puts up the big numbers because Peyton Manning is his quarterback. Now that it seems Wayne is the number one guy in Indy we can expect his pro-bowl caliber numbers to continue.

4. Jake Delhomme/Steve Smith: It was not too long ago that there was an argument for Steve Smith being the best receiver in the NFL. If Delhomme hadn't been injured last year the Panther's season would have been a different story. 111.8 QB rating, 624 yards, and 8 touchdowns all in the first three games; you better be ready when they both bring their A game next year.

5. Derek Anderson/Braylon Edwards: Anderson came out of nowhere last year and had a breakout season. Edwards also found himself stepping up, being on the other end of 16 touchdown passes. I believe Anderson won't be a one hit wonder and that they both will continue to put up points.

6. Kurt Warner/Larry Fitzgerald: Yes I know Matt Leinart is their quarterback of the future and so on, but why? Kurt Warner came in last year and is clearly ready to win right now. Fitzgerald is a great WR, so he needs to be utilized to the fullest and Warner is the answer.

7. Carson Palmer/Chad Johnson: Obviously, this combo is a huge question mark because CJ doesn't want to be on the Bengals but for now let's pretend they will be playing together. CJ was third overall in yards last season and they have no problem finding the end zone.

8. Matt Schaub/Andre Johnson: These two guys started off last season hot, hooking up for over 120 yards per game in the first two games last season and three touchdowns. If they are both at 100 percent who knows what they could do in a whole season.

9. Drew Brees/Marques Colston: Colston has easily found his way into the number one slot after only playing two years. Last season Brees and Colston continued to increase their numbers. With the Saints looking to rebound from last season you can be sure they will continue to grow.

10. Eli Manning/Plaxico Burress: It seems impossible that these two guys would put up the numbers that they did last season with Burress being injured most of the season and practicing very little. Eli shut up a lot of people last season with his Super Bowl win. The fact is, these guys make big plays in big games.