What Is The Future For The Oakland Raiders?

Colin Mehigan@@colinmehiganCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2009

NORTHBROOK, IL - AUGUST 7:  Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders, arrives for an NFL owners meeting on August 7, 2006 in Northbrook, Illinois. On the agenda for the owners is to discuss who will become the next NFL commissioner.  (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

The Oakland Raiders’ ongoing disintegration shows no sign of abating and indeed seems to be progressing at an alarming rate.

Raider fans are both exhausted and weary of the dissolution of this once proud team. The latest debacle—a humiliating 28-6 defeat to the Houston Texans—reinforces this oppressive mood.

We, as fans, need to find solutions even if the organisation itself continues to flounder and continues to focus primarily on making enemies with former players.

I have come up with three possible scenarios which could unfold for the Raiders.

Fire the Coaching Staff

This is the easy option. The first person to get blamed is always the coach. Tom Cable deserves the entire season but a change in player attitude and improved play calling is needed for Cable to keep his job.


Fire the Coaching Staff and Clear Out Team Personnel

It is clear there are many in the Raiders organization who are more concerned with collecting pay cheques than winning games and playing with intelligence. A complete overhaul of those who wear the Silver and Black is essential.

The Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins are prime examples of teams that undertook colossal player revamping and both, by and large, seem to be guiding their respective franchises through calmer waters.

Appoint General Manager/President of Football Operations to
Restructure the Franchise

This is the most dramatic, the most revolutionary and the most sweeping of scenarios. But it is a course of action that I believe to be a prerequisite to future success.

Al Davis makes every decision imaginable for the Oakland Raiders.

Well, its not working Al.

The last time the great man relinquished some control was during the Bruce Allen/John Gruden era and the Raiders were one of the pre-eminent teams in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders need to rethink and reassess everything that they hold sacred and everything that they believe in. This means that every person connected to the organization whether they get paid millions or thousands should have their position scrutinised.

This, in my opinion is the only way forward for this once great franchise.

A wholesale change in personnel is needed to allow for a change in attitude and a resuscitation of belief.
Now is the time to make changes Al. Not in two years. Not in five years.