Patience Lost: Should the Oakland Raiders "Bench" Tom Cable?

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IOctober 5, 2009

Right now, any honest Raider fan knows that they have at best no momentum, and more precisely, negative momentum.

This article is more of a lament on the status of the Raiders, after what had been a promising off-season.  When I started writing this article, I just followed my instincts.  Eventually, I realized that it was less about the Cable situation and more about my gut that the Raiders aren't moving forward and should consider changes.

Since 2003, the Raiders been mired in drama, starting most significantly with the Dumbest Coach in America, Bill Callahan, and his diatribe against a team that had struggled after losing the Super Bowl and their lost MVP quarterback, Rich Gannon, to a season-ending injury.

Some would say that the juicer Bill Romanowski and his training-camp fight was more emblematic, but when a coach goes and undermines the team in public, I would say that takes the cake.

After that season, the team was incrementally dismantled.  Most notably, the Raiders eventually let CB Charles Woodson walk and traded CB Phillip Buchanon, whom they selected with a pick received in the Jon Gruden trade.

Of course, the cackling vultures in the media have swarmed and scavenged around ever since, gloating with glee with every misfortune.  One of whom had even referred to Buchanon as a, "first-round punt returner."

Then people wonder why Raider players get ticked off in Oakland.  The media eggs them on to recalcitrance and distrust for their organization (*hint, hint*). 

While know-nothing fans have tried to lecture Raider fans as if they think they're GMs and must be wiser than that "crazy" Al Davis.  These "lecturers" are the types that are middle-aged men with Fat Heads on their walls. 

Yet, they have advice for a man who built an organization from literally nothing and that wasn't supposed to exist into a three-time Super Bowl winner with the highest-winning percentage in the NFL for over 30 years?

Frankly, I don't believe I know more about the inner workings of the NFL franchise than the next fan, but I'm good at identifying underrated and overrated teams or teams in the right direction, even if they had a losing season.

Right now, the Raiders aren't moving forward.  They have plenty of raw talent, but a lack of leadership.  Starting QB JaMarcus Russell has struggled with routine plays, while head coach Tom Cable is likely more distracted by the possible criminal charges against him.

Of course, I'm then stuck with the feeling that, "Do I pick my team, or does my team pick me?"  They say you can pick your friends, but not your family.  And I wonder, if you can't pick your loyalties.

At post-season, I have had to root for the Colts, but it never feels right.

The point of this all being the question as to whether Al Davis needs to "bench" Tom Cable as head coach for an interim coach, until Cable's legal mess is sorted out. 

I previously wrote an article stating that JaMarcus Russell should be benched as a reality check, but you know what, that's not the big problem.

I know, I know.  The writers with a god-complex like Jay Mariotti will tell you that it is all Al Davis, and some twisted game he's playing. 

The Raiders though have plenty of good players that I think any coach would love to work with.  The problem is that, our coach is likely distracted by his legal mess.

Your opinion is as good as mine. 

I've spent my time in the catharsis of blogging for the past year or so, playing with thought experiments (creating conversations where no one thought to look) and arguing for unpopular opinions because I fear consensus without debate. 

I've come under the impression that my blogs have become a guilty pleasure amongst the sports media, in that they read them only to try and disprove what I have to say.  

So let's make a deal.

If the Raiders start winning, I'll shut up with competitive banter against the, "popular opinion."  I cannot tell a lie, as many of you are aware, and would not break that agreement. 

And I'll stick to the box.

So will someone out there in the sports media, with the Raiders, or elsewhere try to convince Bill Cowher that he'd have a lot to work with in Oakland, even if he has to deal with the Hand of Al?

Anyway, that's my two cents.