Goodbye, My Friend: A Tribute to Robert Allred

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IOctober 5, 2009

Not enough can be said about Robert Allred. I knew him as a fellow Dallas Cowboy writer, as a friend, and as fellow fan of sports.

I can say so much about him even though I have never met him face-to-face.

I can only imagine what his family can say about him. They probably could make a dictionary-sized tribute to this man, who I'm glad to call my friend.

I had been here for about two to three months before Robert showed up. I came to a site that was virtually barren for Dallas.

The community leader David (can't spell his last name) was MIA and the Philadelphia section was filled with guys ready to attack the Cowboys without mercy, without retaliation, without fear of someone who would come to their article and point out their inconsistencies.

I wasn't a fan, I was a fanatic. I was a totally biased football nut who had only the highest hopes for Dallas with a fiery temper and an eclectic vocabulary. I was just a rookie quarterback on my own, with no talent around me.

I got off to a rough start. I really, to be completely blunt, made an ass out of myself for the first few months.

Finally, Robert Allred came around. I had just been appointed Community Leader by default, since no one was here to lead this team.

Robert was older, more mature, much wiser than I was. He made fast friends with Andrew Nuschler, who I had been crossing swords with constantly, and he opened my eyes. I'll never forget it.

He told me that Andrew was making sense and that I needed to accept it.

It hurt. It hurt the delusional fan, but it woke up James Williamson.

To this day, I keep an open mind on all points. I admit when I'm wrong and I'm doing better with my temper.

What Robert did was amazing because I'm looking at my Dallas ally, someone I desperately needed, complimenting a guy (Andrew Nuschler) who hates the Boys so much that it wouldn't surprise me if his American flag did not have any stars on it.

I sucked it up. I apologized to Andrew Nuschler, and we became good friends, as well.

Because of Robert, I'm much closer to being a true professional and not some fan with an axe to grind.

Robert Allred was a Yoda to me. He created the idea of America's Table. He would write such great articles on points that hadn't come to me. He took so much pressure off of me that I really wished he had been a community leader with me.

Easily one of the most mature writers on this site. He loved sports. He wanted to talk sports with analysis, not with the measuring stick of who's team is bigger and better.

I was Pathos, he was Logos. Together, I think we made the Dallas community pretty good and I know people would have to think twice about going after Dallas, or else they would be fresh meat for us.

Robert never wanted to see Bleacher Report the way it is now. Pampering to the idea that sex runs sports. He didn't want to see POTDs go to stories about a kid who lost his dog.

Gimme a break! Robert Allred represents sports, not pointless sap or bootlicking. Robert Allred represented friendship when he defended me against the attacks of Leroy Watson, who, in his opinion, was just a insincere bottom feeder.

Robert Allred wrote sports articles. Some people write articles about hot women or Tim Tebow's virginity and get a lot of reads, but none can compare to the article Robert Allred wrote.

He wrote an article that had, at last count, 56,256 reads. He was baffled beyond belief when I won the POTD for a history article about Al Davis instead. We had such a laugh about that.

Please check it out at the link above. Robert Allred wrote about sports and no sex article has come close to the achievements this one made.

I've written over a hundred articles on this website and Robert Allred, in one article, collected more reads than almost all of mine put together.

He sincerely loved Bleacher Report and was disgusted by those who have ruined it. We are here to talk about sports, not write boo hoo stories to make us popular.

I don't care what you say about my friend. I don't care if any of you who don't like him decide to spam my article with unethical comments. He is better than all of you put together.

Robert Allred. If Zander doesn't say it, I will. It was a privilege for this site to have you as a writer on it.

May you one day return, though. Until then, I'll keep up the fight for Dallas, my friend.


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