Losses, Rants, and Rumors, Oh My! What's Happening with the Oakland Raiders?

Mike WoodsCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 04: Head coach Tom Cable of the Oakland Raiders walks the sidelines at Reliant Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

The clock ticked down, the score read 29-6 Texans and with that, another miserable,  uneventful weekend in Raider nation came to an end.

The first week was ehh, the second week was ok, the third week was come on, guys, and now the fourth week is feeling more like someone's got to go.

We're talking firings, we're talking cuts, we're talking demotions, we're talking anything!

The problem is, many actually expected the Raiders to come out and put up a fight, which they attempted to from the kickoff. On their first drive, the Texans scored on a field goal from Kris Brown and the Raiders answered with their own from Sebastian Janikowski.

It got ugly from there.

I never knew who Steve Slaton was until Sunday—I now know who he is, and so do Raiders fans.

I think the Raiders defense will see Matt Schaub in their nightmares, as he picked them apart time and time again.

I didnt know the Texans had the league's worst run defense; it sure didn't look like it when they were holding the Raiders to just 45 yards on 22 carries.

And now we've come to this. According to a rumor started on fannation.com, Al Davis is pondering adding a new head coach to replace Tom Cable.


Now wait a minute, this was the guy who was supposed to lead the team back to the glory days. Out of Cable's own mouth, this was the guy who vowed to bring a championship back to Oakland.

Now, Mr. Davis, you want to fire him? Is this some last-ditch effort to appease fans for the horrendous team that you put together?

Well, it's not all that surprising, seeing as how Davis didn't really know too much about Cable from the jump. In the infamous YouTube video you can overhear Davis, after being asked to introduce Cable at a press conference, saying that he admittedly did not know much about him.


Huh? You hired a guy you knew nothing about? A foreshadowing of things to come, none the less.

This is what happens when you make an impulse hire; you get confusion, you get fan outrage, you get plummeting ticket sales, you get a losing record.

If there is any truth to this rumor, this will undoubtedly be the change that Raider Nation has waited for—well, at least half.

The other half still believes the problems lie solely on the players, say no more, I agree. I could, however, find a number of fans that would argue the opposite, though.

Cable's head has been on a silver platter since he got to Oakland, so who are we kiddin', it had to come eventually.

And it's coming, believe it or not.

With Yahoo Sports reporting that an arrest could be made soon, Davis will be forced to make a decision, either have an assistant step in as an interim coach or go outside the organization and find another one all together.

Either way, it doesnt look good for big Tom. It could be via suspension from the league, or arrest, but he's going.

However, with all rumors, we must wait and see what the outcome holds, we already know what the outcome holds for this team and this season; to no one's surprise, it's not good.