Thomas Jones, Not The Rookie QB, Is The Jets' Biggest Weakness In 2009

Jason WardCorrespondent INovember 4, 2016

Mark Sanchez had a poor game against New Orleans.  He threw a bad pick and lost his awareness in his own end zone which resulted in a fumble for a touchdown.  This type of game was inevitable, and it unfortunately came on a day when the Jets defense played well enough to beat the league's #1 offense without those rookie mistakes.

Sanchez is a rookie and those mistakes can and will be fixed.  He'll learn to throw the ball out of bounds a bit more and his decision-making will, no doubt, improve.

However, when you consistently put a quarterback, rookie or not, at 2nd and 3rd and longs, bad things are going to happen. 

Thomas Jones is horrible on first down running.  The touchdown he had against the Saints yesterday was the only decent 1st down carry he's had all year.  Thomas Jones is consistently running for losses and no gains in this 2009 season.

Jones' dancing around in the backfield is ineffective and it is his technique that is causing these horrific 1st down rushing numbers.

Against the Saints, the Jets put 3rd-round draft pick Shaonn Greene in the game for a few snaps.  On his first, Greene hit the hole hard for a 8-yard gain.  On the next snap, Greene picked up the first down and then some with another burst.

Thomas Jones has talent, but he's not an every down back.  The speed and complexity of defenses is too much for Jones' rushing style.  Opposing defenses know that all they have to do is get the slightest bit of backfield pressure and Jones will dance around in the backfield long enough to get tackled for a loss.  This encourages more run blitzing, something that would be heavily exploited by a North-South runner like Greene.

I don't understand the Jets' loyalty to this guy.  Even though he led the AFC in rushing last year, his 1st down numbers were not great.  In 2009, however, we don't have the experience of a Brett Favre to handle the 3rd and longs.

If the Jets' coaching staff isn't telling Jones to hit those holes, then shame on them.  If Jones just isn't doing so after being told, then it is time start Shonn Greene.

Thomas Jones sort of sucks and this is why the Jets didn't pay him in the off season.  It's time to solidify the organization's opinion and start the kid from Iowa.

The Jets need to trade Thomas Jones while he still has some value.  If you cannot run with one of the best offensive lines in the league, it is time move in a different direction.