To The Misguided Assailants Of Jamarcus Russell

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2009

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 04:  Running back Justin Fargas #25 of the Oakland Raiders is tackled for a safety by Brian Cushing #56 of the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

A surprisingly high percentage of citizens in Raider Nation were too busy buying the hype of the mainstream media to actually watch the Raiders Texans game. 

That’s right, the same sinister mainstream media whose intelligence we all revel in assaulting. 

Screams, shouts, and CAPITOLIZED captions professing cures to the Oakland Raiders are everywhere. 

Bench Jamarcus Russell!  Start Gradkowski, sign Garcia, draft a QB, put Ted Williams frozen head on Russell’s body! 

Listen up nation- there is not a man, women, child, alien, superhero, or Chuck Norris/Tim Tebow love child that could successfully QB this team.

To everyone who, after today’s performance decided the pertinent thing to complain about was Jamarcus Russell, and who expressed that the first thing this team needs to do is repair the QB position I have one thing to say: learn the game of football.

I do not say this because I am sold Russell is the future.  I say this because against the Texans, the running backs were almost as bad as the receivers, who were almost as terrible as the offensive line. 

There was not a run attempt that even began with a tease of hope that the back might generate forward momentum. 

The aenimia of the running game was matched by the stone hands of the receivers.  When Russell does put the ball on target the least they could do is catch it. 

And these were not the most disturbing features of the offensive performance.  This distinction belongs to the offensive line. 

The Texans had one sack all season long combined with the worst rush defense in the entire NFL, yet the Raiders offensive line allowed the Texans to make them their bitch. 

Slapped, beat, and then whored out for the Texans amusement and boost of ego, the offensive line destroyed any possible chance of the Raider's offensive success.

A common refrain, from the chorus of chants calling for the replacement of Russell, is that this is a quarterback driven league. 

Well my friends, the quarterback of this team today was driving a Ford Pinto that had to be push started.

I will put my stock in two other football adages that have been proven to be true time and time again: defense wins championships and football games are won in the trenches.

This team needs to get better on the offensive line.

Any focus of improvement in this football team needs to start there.  It was the most glaring weakness against the Texans and it is the unit with the least potential for improvement.

The Receivers are young and have been without their budding number one- hopes that they will get better are not unfounded.

The Running Backs would succeed with even a moderately decent offensive line.

Russell has played horrible, but given what he had to work with, he was the Raiders best offensive player against the Texans.  While he has not sold anyone on the fact that he is the future, there are at least glimmers of hope.

The QB debate is not going to matter in the slightest, however, until the offensive line improves.  Mario Henderson and Robert Gallery look like keepers but until the other three line positions are upgraded this offense is not going anywhere.

Attempts to upgrade this unit, which is supposed to be Tom Cable’s specialty, fell incredibly short.

Trade acquisition and supposed answer at center, Samson Satele is so horrible that, the depressingly bad, Chris Morris is starting in his place. 

Also, key free agent pickup Kahlif Barnes is either so stupid, lazy or both that he will not learn to play the right side of the line (maybe, like Derek Zoolander, he is just not an ambi-turner).

This is the one unit on the team that inspires zero hope in the future.  Until this problem is alleviated I could care less about one more chant of personnel concern focused anywhere else.

With this line, the only thing bringing in a new Quarterback would accomplish, is destroying that Quarterback's hopes of success.