YouTube's Latest Sensation and a Coaching Protégé

Dustin PollackContributor IOctober 5, 2009

In 2006 the hockey world was introduced to Brendan Peters, otherwise known as “Mini Kipper,” an 11-year-old boy who lives in Calgary and became famous from copying anything and everything Calgary Flames goaltender Mikka Kiprusoff did. (Click here to check out “Mini Kipper.”)

But recently the world has been introduced to a new sports impersonator, Josh Sacco.

Sacco has become the latest YouTube sensation with his impersonation Kurt Russell’s version of Herb Brooks' speech to the U.S. Olympic hockey team before upsetting the Soviet Union in 1980 from the movie Miracle.

A four-year-old toddler from Spring Hill, Tenn., a town just outside of Nashville, Josh enjoys the movie Miracle so much that has seen it close to 150 times.

In his rendition, Josh hits the mark on everything that Kurt Russell has to offer, from the pat on Jack O’Callahan’s back (Sacco pats his air hockey table) to the beige sport jacket and powder-blue button down shirt.

The only thing the kid seems to be missing is Russell’s comb-over-style haircut and his illustrious plaid pants. Maybe a pair of checkered Joe Boxer pajama pants would have sufficed for Josh.

The video, which is posted on YouTube, has reached over 700,000 views and 539 comments.

And it doesn’t stop there: Ellen Degeneres' show, as well as the Sports Illustrated and USA Today Web sites, have also featured the video.

Not to mention that the Minnesota Wild and the University of Minnesota have contacted Jim, and the Nashville Predators invited Josh to recreate the speech for a scoreboard video that will debut during the team's home opener on Oct. 8.

One of the most impressive parts about Rizzo’s (Josh’s nickname, after 1980 U.S Olympic captain Mike Eruzione) interpretation of Russell is that he is unable to even read yet. Meaning that there was no speech coach or script to help Josh along the way.

But what’s next for Josh?

Well, with the 2010 Winter Olympics only months away and the U.S hockey team skating in as an underdog, maybe it needs a little Josh Sacco to push them in the right direction.

“Tonight we skate wif 'em. Tonight we stay wif 'em and we shut them down because we can.”

— Josh Sacco.

Click here to check out the video; it's sure to make your day.