Dallas Duality on Monday Night

David SalinasContributor IOctober 3, 2009

Just when we were ready to put that disastrous Sunday night game against New York behind us, a new problem erupts.  The Cowboys are now lost in a flux of two identities.  One side, has all the talent, all the ability and most of the desire to get to the promise land.  The other, a band of misfits, lost, unmotivated, utterly playing the game with blindfolds on.  Which of these two team would show up Monday Night?

The Answer:  Both.

The entire first half we saw the weaker of the two identities, We'll call them Dallas TEAM B.  Team B's QB (TR) struggled in the first half, throwing errand passes that should have been intercepted.  Fortunately, the Panthers couldn't catch a break, or catch what should have been easy interceptions.  Unfortunately for Romo, he was still in the big game "haze", not really performing up to snuff.  The entire team seemed out of sync, even calling a time out when personnel was unable to decide who should be on the field.  That is day one stuff.  That is what training camp is for.  There are playbooks, practices, meetings.  Doing it wrong on national television is inexcusable.  

Quarter 1 and 2 were the first two quarters where the Cowboys failed to score this season.  From Nick Folk missing a sure field goal, to the costly penalties that are beginning to get out of control.  Not to mention ESPN showing a close up of Jerry Jones, with the name of Head Athletic Trainer Jim Maureer beneath him, which was priceless, nothing could go right for the Cowboys.  Tony and the O-line squandered scoring opportunities, and the defense gave up yet another last minute score heading into halftime.  Team B played uninspired football except for two players:  Felix Jones and Jason Witten.  These two players were the only sparks in an otherwise spark less first half.  

Cowboy fans were reeling, and you could hear just about every boo, so clear and crisp in that billion dollar stadium.  As the team walked to the locker room, I noticed a certain large, blond individual yelling directly into Tony Romo's face.  I'll bet the players don't like walking through the fans to get to the locker room.

Halftime proved to be a game changer.  Whatever was said in that locker room impacted the rest of the game.  It was like Clark Kent walked into the locker room, and changed into his evening wear.  No superman suit, but at least they were more comfortable.  Dallas came out of the box firing, scoring on their opening drive.  The light was on, and Dallas TEAM A had taken the field.  The defense came alive, attacking the ball, and making Steve Smith look like a common thug, and a weak receiver.  Terence Newman took advantage of a terrible Steve Smith move and converted the interception for 6.  Even Tony Romo got in on the act and "MANAGED" the game, rather than taking risks.  Here's to hoping that he has learned not to drink from the Brett Favre fountain, and just manage the game.  

Mark Sanchez knows that, and he's a rookie.  

I think Tony will improve on this, and take this idea with him to Denver.  If this is the case, and Marion and Tashard can continue to pound the ball, Dallas should win.  Denver is currently 3-0, but like we've all heard for about a week, they haven't played anyone.  They are looking to Dallas as a measuring stick.  If TEAM A shows up, they'll put that stick where the sun don't shine.
One thing is for sure, if Team B plays for an entire game against Denver, Dallas will lose.   

Cowboy Hero's vs the Panthers:  Jay Ratliff, Felix Jones, Terence Newman, Jason Witten.  Congrats guys, you have won nothing from Cowboy Nation, but our undying admiration and respect.  Now go to Mile High and bring down Denver.