WWE Decade Of Smackdown Recap/ The Return Of The Great One

Myles HubbardCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2009

The Tenth Anniversary of Smackdown kicks off with brand new theme song and video.

Jim Ross welcomes everybody to the show and plugs the 8-man tag match main event that will take place later. Then, on to a very big announcement......... The Rock will speak to the WWE Universe later on tonight! Todd Grisham takes the mic and welcomes everybody to Smackdown and kisses up to the Boston fans. He then goes on to say that superstars from ECW, Raw, and Smackdown are in the building tonight and says that the party has already started.


Cut to the "party"


Superstars are standing around talking and conversing with each other while Todd finishes talking.

Batista comes out to a large pop. While he proceeds to pose on the top rope, a video highlight of him and Rey Mysterio winning the tag team titles as a tribute to Eddie Guerrero is shown. After it is shown, Kane makes his way to the ring and the match gets started.

Match 1: Batista vs. Kane

The match starts off with them locking up in the middle of the ring. Batista backs Kan into the turnbuckle, but after off of him, Kane responds with a hard uppercut. Then they go back and forth after that until Kane hit Batista with a back suplex. He proceeds to go to work on Dave's arm until he's thrown out of the ring.





We're back, and Kane has Batista in an arm bar in the center of the ring until he works out of it. They engage in a series of irish whips which lead to both men down on the mat. They go back and forth and Kane hits a flying clothesline in the progress. He then goes for a chokeslam, but Batista counters it into a spine. Nearfall. Batista tries for the Batista Bombe, but gets pushed into the turnbuckle. He explodes out and hits a clothesline on Kane. Then, the un-thinkable happens. Batista goes to the top rope! Not suprisingly, he gets caught by Kane, and counters the choke slam again. Batista winds up getting trapped in the corner and Kane capatilizes. But Batista gets a hold of him and hits the powerbomb. 1-2-3

Winner- Batista


Cut to the party


Teddy Long is showed backstage talking to everybody and Finlay wants to make a toast. CM Punk then interrupts the party and tells everyone that they should be ashamed of themselves. He says that everythng will start being run by his rules and for them to watch the main event. Teddy then goes over to Vickie Guerrero and she winds up getting more heat than Punk. She asks him why he lifted the ban of Hells Gate and says that some people just don' have a backbone to run Smackdown. She then introduces Eric Escobar as her new "boyfriend and newest superstar. And she also mentions that she will be his manager and will return to the show. Santino scares Teddy dressed up like the Undertaker an he takes a shot.

Another plug for the main event

Eddie Guerrero tribute up next


VIP Lounge:


Everybody get in except Zack Ryder yada yada yada. The Iron Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter make an appearance. Really not much else to it.

Eddie Guerrero video package is shown. Crowd gives a standing ovation.





Back from commercial and the future WWE Champion Jack Swagger is at commentary. John Morrison comes out to a decent pop. The IC Title match at the PPV gets plugged. Kofi Kingston comes out to a fairly decent pop also. Dolph Ziggler comes out to some decent heat. The Miz gets about the same.

Match 2: John Morrison and Kofi Kinston vs. Dolph Ziggler and The Miz

The match starts off with Miz and Morrison having a stand off. The Miz goes on the attack first but Morrison gets the upper hand and knocks him out the ring.





We're back with Kingston and Ziggler in battling it out. Swagger distracts Kofi and Ziggler capatilizes. Miz and Ziggler gain the upper hand an go to work on Kingston. Kofi manages to tag Morrison in he gets it going. The Miz distracts him ad Ziggler capitalizes and hits his finisher. 1-2-3

Winners- Dolph Ziggler and The Miz


Back to the party


Kung Fu Naki and Yoshi Tatsu are singing kareokee. Some other meaningless nonsense with Iron Sheik and the inferior Hurricane Helms makes the save. Jerishow crashes th party and gloat as usual, but then Michael Cole barfes on Jericho's shoe. Y2J proceeds to make one of the most hilarious faces I have ever seen lol.


Up next: A special message from The Rock




The Rock segment


I really can't recap this because the promo spoke for itself. A few people might talk bad about him, and say that he wasn't putting his all into it , but I'm not gonna say anything negative about him because I don't know him personally and he's earned his respect.




Back to program. A Women's Championship Lumberjill Match is announced and the lumberjacks make their way to the ring. Melina comes out to a decent pop. The crowd seemed absolutely dead during Michelle McCool's entrance.


Match 3: Melina vs. McCool Women's Title

McCool has her way through the beginning of the match until Melina counters an irish whip and gains some momentum. One of the lumberjill grabbed Melina while she by the ropes and lumberjills started brawling. Melina an McMcool are still fighting and Melina goes to the top rope, only to be distracted by Beth Phoenix. McCool capatilizes and hits the Styles/Clash. 1-2-3

Winner and still champion- Michelle McCool


Undertaker Promo

The Undertaker's Gong sounds and he's shown on the Titantron. He has a message for Punk. He goes on to say that after he leaves Hell In A Cell, he will be craving the pills and alchohol he so badly hates. Welcome to HIAC.




Back to the party


Drew MCintyre says that as the newest member of Smackdown( I thought Escobar just got signed that day?) he wanted to make a toast to Smackdown and to a future world champion, himself. R-Truth then attacks him and Teddy declares the party is over.


DX, Cena, and Taker all come out to great pops. Orton, Legacy, and Punk make their entrances.


Main Event: DX, WWE Champion John Cena, and The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton, Legacy, and World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk

Cena start off by dominating Cody Rhodes. Triple H gets tagged in while Dibiase gets tagged in soon after. HHH handles Dibiase fairly easy and tags in HBK. He also does ad decent job with Dibiase. Taker and Michaels then have a stare down until Taker decks Rhodes with a right hand.





We're back from commercial whil Taker and Rhodes are in the ring. Rhodes continues to get beat down when HHH comes in, but Cody starts to get the upper hand on Michaels. Dibiase gets tagged in, but soon tags in Randy Orton. With HBK trapped in the corner, the heel team relentlessly punished him. Michaels continues to get dominated until he hits a back suplex on Randy Orton. He tags in Rhodes, who tried to keep HBK from tagging in John Cena, but it was too late. Cena came into the ring and hit his those all too familiar shoulder blocks and build momentum. He then tries for the Attitude Adjustment but Dibiase intervenes. Then, with a show of great strength, he picks up both of Legacy on his shoulders, but te excape. They then go to a commercial while Cena is laying on the mat.





We come back to CM Punk handling Cena in the ring then tagging in Orton. He has his way with Cena for a while until he tags in Dibiase. But Cena finds a way to fend him off and tag in Triple H. CM Punk comes in and gets man-handled by him. In comes Taker. He throws Orton in the ring and goes off on him until he he counters into a backbreaker. Taker then locks on Hell's Gate, but it gets broken up by Rhodes. Dibiase trys to hit the Dream Street, but instead gets some Sweet Chin Music which leads to a Pedigree. Punk then comes in and takes out Michaels, but Cena throws him out of the ring onto Legacy. Orton is all alone in the ring with all 4 opponents. That's pretty much all she wrote. Tombstone. Game over. The show ends with The Undertaker watching Punk walk up the ramp with World Heavweight Title.


  It was an overall okay show, but did Randy Orton seriously need to lose the way he did? What are your thoughts and opinions about the show?






Thanks for reading.  All comments are welcome.