Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Needs to Step Up In Week Four!

Janet KesslerCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2009

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 28:  Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys passes against the Carolina Panthers at Cowboys Stadium on September 28, 2009 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Well it's been three weeks now and I'm still waiting for the "real" Tony Romo to show up. Sadly, Dallas Cowboys fans, this might be as real as we can expect.
Over the summer Romo rid himself of the pesky distracting girlfriend Jessica Simpson, and the Cowboys fired the demanding loudmouth wide-receiver Terrell Owens
So what is Romo's excuse now?
Owner Jerry Jones parted ways with T.O. stating he wanted to make the team more Romo friendly.  Well this is as Romo/QB friendly of a team as anyone could dream of.
Romo doesn't need to depend on lobbing the long bomb this season.  Any one of his receivers is more than capable of bulling his way for extra yardage after the catch. 
Let's review something from week one: 

Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Romo threw three touchdown passes in that game, one for 42 yds, another for 66 yds, and the last one a monster for 80 yds.
This really inflated Romo's stats, but in reality those completions were only short passes.  It was the enormous gains after the catch by the Cowboys' big receivers that netted yards and made the plays big. 

Week 2 vs the New york Giants:
Romo had three interceptions, giving the Giants 24 points and costing the Cowboys their home opener.  I'll give him the one off Jason Witten's foot was a fluke, and anyone will have one bad game, but please even I know you don't toss one out to a receiver in triple coverage.

Week 3 flat again:
Last week the passing game was very conservative like Romo was on a short dog leash.  And rightfully offensive coordinator Jason Garrett should have had Romo on one.

I don't know what Romo's problem is and quite frankly I don't care!

I just want a QB that can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory.  We don't need one that rides on the backs of his playmakers. 

To all you Romo lovers that are drunk on the Romo Kool-aid let me set the record straight! 

First I don't hate the Cowboys, my affection for Da'boys is older than most of you are young. 

Second I don't hate Romo either.  The fact is he hasn't been sharp all season.  At the rate Romo is playing, don't go expecting any post-season wins this year either. 

You, my loyal readers, deserve better than someone sugar coating the truth, and I don't plan to be guilty of that.