Is Chris Bosh Having a Good Season All It's Cut Out To Be?

Brad NortonCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2009

Alright, so as I'm scrimmaging around every article has something about Chris Bosh having a good season being key to the Raptors having a "good" season this year. But, is it truly what it's all cut out to be?Is it all that important?  

I mean looking at Bosh's numbers, he's had good numbers his entire career, even in his rookie season he averaged over 10 ppg and 7 rpg. But, how many times have the Raptors had a winning season or make it into the playoffs?

Allow me to show you, they've qualified for the post season only two times and have only had a winning record once. Now, don't get me wrong Bosh is a good player and i'm not out to get him, but, I just wanted to put something else into perspective.

Now, if we want a 50 win season putting it all on Bosh is not going to cut it. but, with the added help that's been acquired to go with the core of Barney, Bosh, and Caldy. That is the key to the Raptors getting 50+ wins this season. 

To put something further into perspective with that added help taking some of the pressures of Bosh to perform better, it is going to make him look all that much better and as much as I want Bosh to have a very good season.

He may not and he may not have to with Calderon possibly better than ever, as well as Bargnani. Along with Hedo taking the big shots. Bosh has more to prove to the Raptors than the Raptors do to him.

A healthy team this year has the ability to go deep into the post-season and achieve a 50+ win season. Remember that a healthy team, not a healthy Bosh. But, with Bosh's recent "injury" he has to show that he can be at 100% all season.

Calderon has said he is back at 100%, Turkoglu was worn down this summer, but says he'll be back at 100% by regular season time. The only one who has yet to confirm he is 100% is Christopher Bosh.

Well I do believe that if we have a healthy Bosh, it will make our team all that much better. It doesn't necessarily mean the Raptors are done if Bosh goes down. I also admit I am excited to see Bosh do better this year, after all it is a contract year.

But, when talking about how well the Raptors will do this year. It does not mainly revolve around Bosh having a career year.