Derek Anderson Is Not the Answer For Cleveland

Corey TaylorCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 30:  Derek Anderson #3 of the Cleveland Browns throws a first quarter pass while playing the of the Indianapolis Colts on November 30, 2008 at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Indianapolis won the game 10-6.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Before it was officially announced, many people were predicting a replacement at quarterback in Cleveland.

Now that is official, the speculating can stop.

Derek Anderson will be taking the snaps this weekend in place of Brady Quinn.

There are many things that are wrong with this decision.

Why would you replace a starter with someone who is clearly playing worse than him? Last week, Anderson came into the game replacing Quinn against a very hungry Baltimore defense.

All Anderson did was throw 19 times—three of those passes were intercepted. He also only threw for 92 yards. Nothing special if you ask any NFL guru.

If head coach Eric Mangini is looking for a spark, he is trying to create one in the wrong place.

This choice shows his uncertainty in the most crucial part of his offense. Quinn was 6-of-8 before being yanked last week. Granted, he was not passing for very many yards, but at least his passes were not being thrown to the other team.

The Browns are in trouble, like they have been much of the time since returning to Cleveland.

Fans have nothing to cheer for and, other than the first half of Week One against the Vikings, the Browns have been simply embarrassing. It is easy to see that the Browns just do not have the same chemistry or talent as other teams in the NFL.

My thought is why not stick with Quinn?

Give the guy a full season! You learn absolutely nothing if you are starting for one-third of the season and then pulled for the next third before returning to finish it out.

Quinn is obviously much more talented than Anderson and needs to have some time to learn from his mistakes. Quarterbacks, in my eyes, are only as good as their running game and the Browns lack in that aspect, as well.

It will be another long season for the Browns and they will most likely be looking at another top-five draft pick—one that Cleveland will most likely draft a bust or trade.

Browns management, listen up!

Go draft a tailback that can do something. You have built an offensive line that is not too bad. Quit wasting picks and take a skilled position player that is much needed!