Denver Broncos' Schedule Looking Softer After Three Games

Alex Stewart@@stewaiaContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Brandon Marshall #15 of the Denver Broncos runs in between Kirk Morrison #52 and Thomas Howard #53 of the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on September 27, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Three weeks into the 2009 NFL season and the Broncos are 3-0.

Personally, I fully expected a 3-0 record after games against the Bengals, Browns, and Raiders based on past performance from these teams, but the way the Broncos beat each team was very impressive.

During this preseason, many professional analysts predicted that the Broncos would struggle greatly through the regular season. Most notably, John Clayton from ESPN predicted that the Broncos would finish this year with a 3-13 record.

I think we can all agree that the Broncos are not about to finish out the season 0-13.

Let's take a look at the schedule that lies ahead for the Broncos:

Dallas @ Denver
- I have watched all of the first three games for Dallas and with the Broncos boasting the No. 1 defense in the NFL, I find it hard to believe that Tony Romo and crew can eke out another victory.

New England @ Denver
- The Pats are 2-1 and could easily be 1-2 after the Bills failed to finish the job on MNF. This game will be huge as McD will meet his old boss. New England has had Denver's number lately and I think this game could go either way.

Denver @ San Diego
- The Chargers' only loss has come at the hands of the Ravens, but this is another team that could easily be 1-2. San Diego will easily be the favorite for this game but the Broncos are playing inspired football and if they can enter this game 5-0, I have no doubt the Broncos could take care of business.

Denver @ Baltimore
- So far, Baltimore is 3-0 and ranked #1 on the power rankings. When you look at who they have beaten, the only team of any quality is San Diego. They may be good, but giving up 24 points to the Chiefs says overrated! Home field may tip this game in their favor though.

Pittsburgh @ Denver
- This is not the same team that dominated last year. Losing back-to-back games to Chicago and Cincinnati on the road lets me like the Broncos' chances of putting another mark in the win column.

Denver @ Washington
- Who just lost to Detroit? Denver should win this game easily if things don't change for the Skins.

San Diego @ Denver
- I've picked Denver to win on their visit to San Diego and because of that, I am cautious in picking Denver again. Sure they are at home, but San Diego always seems to get one to split the series.

New York Giants @ Denver
- While the G Men are 3-0 right now, I am not overly impressed with their play. Beating the Skins by less than a touchdown and barely squeaking a win out of Dallas makes me pick the Broncos in this one.

Denver @ KC
- Who knows how far Matt Cassell and the Chiefs will have progressed by now, but this is a no-brainer.

Denver @ Indianapolis
- The Colts looked great against Arizona and are on a roll. By this game, the Colts might only have two losses to Baltimore and New England. Both those games are toss ups and I think this is another. I give the edge to the Colts.

Oakland @ Denver
- By this time, Jeff Garcia might have turned this sad team into a team worth preparing for. Or Al Davis might have decided to play QB. Either way, Broncos should handle with ease.

Denver @ Philadelphia
- McNabb is out and Kolb is rolling. I see no reason to stop his momentum but who knows where the Eagles will be by this game. Either way, they are a respectable team but I think Mr. Dawkins will have a little more motivation this game that should be the edge.

Kansas City @ Denver
- By this game, the Broncos should be locked in for the playoffs. A loss here due to sitting starters is very possible, but the second team might just get a win against this terrible team.

Overall, I think it is reasonable to expect the Broncos to go 12-4 this year. We will be able to tell a lot more after the Dallas game, but with a +46 point differential, the No. 1 defense, and the No. 9 offense, I am feeling very positive.

Let me know what you think!


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