Breaking News: Twins Sign Miguel Angel Sano

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IISeptember 29, 2009

According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Minnesota Twins have signed Dominican shortstop Miguel Angel Sano. Sano will get a $3.15 million dollar bonus. That amount would make it the largest amount of money for an international amateur player this summer/fall. It would be the second highest signing bonus behind his fellow countryman Michael Ynoa, who signed with the Athletics this past winter. The Twins have only given one bigger signing bonus in the team's history and that was to their current catcher, Joe Mauer.

The deal will not be signed until tomorrow. And there will be a clause that could have this deal fall apart. The clause will state that Sano's contract can only be completed if he gets a visa to play in the United States. That will not be easy. 

There are rumors and wonders about the age of Sano. Sano and his agent say that he is 16 years old. In the past there have been other players that have lied about their age when they arrived in the United States. One example would be Vladamir Guerrero. Recently, the baseball world received word that Guerrero is one year older than what has been documented in the past. 

The signing with the Twins comes to a shock to most of the baseball universe, because there were about 8-10 teams interested in the Dominican shortstop's services. The Pirates were the team mostly in the news trying to aggressively sign Sano. The Pirates were unable to do so after Sano's agent and the Pirates' scouting director could not come up with a deal.

There are other baseball critics that have stated that there were no other teams interested in Sano. And it was just a bidding war between Sano and any team that wanted to negotiate.

One thing is certain, that Miguel Angel Sano will have many eyes on him as he develops in the Twins farm system and could be the team's shortstop of the future. Just imagine: Justin Morneau, Miguel Angel Sano, Carlos Gomez, and Joe Mauer, all in the same line-up. Things are looking good for the Twins' future.