2009 NFC West Featured Columnist Competition: Week Three Results

Scotty KimberlyAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2009

The NFC West went 0-4 in Week Three of the NFL regular season.

Arizona was dominated, Seattle was outplayed, San Francisco was robbed, and St. Louis continued their 2008 Detroit Lions impersonation.

Despite a horrid week on the field, the FC's here at Bleacher Report kept on churning out (mostly) winning picks.

Here are the results and honors from Week Three.


Week Three Individual Standings

Andrew 14, Seth 14, Dray 13, Rob 13, Scotty 13, Steven 13, Chris 11, Ron 9



Week Two Team Standings


San Francisco 27, Seattle 26, Arizona 24, St. Louis 23


Season Individual Standings

Andrew 41, Seth 38, Dray 37, Rob 37, Chris 34, Ron 34, Scotty 33, Steven 33


Season Team Standings

San Francisco 78, St. Louis 72, Seattle 70, Arizona 67


Monday Night Football Team Tiebreaker

San Francisco 8, St. Louis 8, Arizona 7, Seattle 7


Pick of the Week—Chris/Rob/Scotty/Seth (Cincinnati over Pittsburgh)


There were no Underdog Bonus points awarded in Week Three, therefore no man stood in sole possession of an outstanding pick. Instead, this award goes to the quartet who chose against the reigning Super Bowl Champs in favor of the Fighting Cedric Bensons.


Good call, gentlemen. 



Fail of the Week—Chris/Ron/Seth/Steven (Oakland over Denver)


I understand that there is only so much talent you can pack into one backfield before they win something. That being said, until JaMarcus Russell finds out how to complete a pass and/or retires, this team looks to be doomed. 


Chris and Seth promptly squandered their "Pick of the Week" honors by endorsing Al Davis and the colossal waste of talent amassing in Oakland.


Hot Streak—Andrew Garda (8-for-9 in Early Games; On Fire in the Competition)

Andrew is simply torching the competition so far this year. He has finished tied for first each week, en route to a healthy three point lead over his nearest competitor. Andrew and Ron both scored 15 in Week One, which still stands as the competition high score.


Struck Out Swinging—Ron Clements (nine points scored in Week Three)

This isn't as much a case of bad selections as it is unlucky breaks. Ron made the right picks when he needed to (i.e. he chose the easy games correctly), but he seemed to be on the losing end of nearly every toss up.

Brett Favre's Hail Mary, Ryan Mouton's fumble-itis, Washington's goal line anemia, and Arizona's failing offensive line all contributed to a miserable weekend for Ron.


What Might Have Been—Had Greg Lewis Not Hauled in the Miracle TD in Minnesota


You wanna talk about a game changer? How about a competition changer


If Greg Lewis doesn't make that play, San Francisco holds on to win the game, and the entire standings board for the week goes up in flames.


Seth would have finished in sole possession of first place, while his St. Louis Rams duo would have jumped two more points in the standings (both Ron and Seth picked San Francisco).


Conversely, Rob and Scotty, the Seattle representatives, would have slid back two points in the standings, as each picked Minnesota to win. 


It will  be interesting to see how Favre's late-game heroics will factor into the season-long competition...


Consistently Mediocre

Each week has featured a single-digit scoring effort from one of the contestants. Scotty (nine points in Week One), Steven (eight points in Week Two), and Ron (nine points in Week Three) have contributed thus far.

Let's see if this trend of excellence can continue in Week Four...


That's it for Week Three. Chip in on what you think.