The Tin Man Plays In Tampa Bay. Where's The Heart?

Earl BedfordContributor ISeptember 28, 2009

Who's on first? What's on second? I don't know is on third. Ooops! My bad, wrong sport.

As for the 2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the analogy applies as well. Who's running this team? What have you done to my overpaid players? Is someone actually coaching with a strategy? This version of Buc Ball somewhat reminds me of the 1976-77 version. The only difference is that team had Leroy Selmon, a player with heart.

I'm being hard pressed to see a dominating figure on this squad.

Okay, I drank the kool-aid during training camp, but something should have told us back then that this team would have the knack for giving up big plays. Everyday we were reading how the offense would get a long touchdown over the defense, and we kind of shrugged it off as just training camp. Unfortunately, there was something deeper going on there that some fans refused to acknowledge.

Hey, the pundits may have been right all along, and that's a rarity. Three, maybe four wins? The front office had you to believe that this could have been the best offensive team that the Buccaneers have ever put on the field in their history. You would think that Winslow, Bryant, Williams, Ward, Graham, Stevens and Smith would be running wild with the new offensive playbook. Well, at least I'm right on one accord, its offensive!

The defense was supposed to be built for speed. In a sense, they are. The only problem is that they have no heart! When the coach can count 24 missed tackles in a game (or was that in a half?) and so many penalties that the referees are taking water breaks for walking them off against you, where is John McKay when you need him? Remember when he was asked about the execution of his team and he replied "I'm all for it!" These Bucs have to walk the plank.

Is it so much to ask this team to resemble a real NFL team? I was reading an article from the Tampa Tribune and one of the columnist stated that Raheem Morris would not say that the previous game with the Giants was not an embarrassment. Are you kidding me? This was a Detroit, 2008, Lions embarrassment to the square root of infinity!

Let's make some changes. Give Josh Johnson the rock behind center and have Leftwich backing him up. If not, we may see Chris Simms, part deux! As a fan, you appreciate the courage Leftwich has displayed in the pocket, but he's going to get seriously hurt behind that make-shift line.

We should have traded for Boldin or Marshall. When you have $30 million in the vault to play with, why are you holding on to it while your team is playing like a UFL Franchise? Fire the entire starting defense or put them in a scheme that they can play in. Whoever thought that Phillips, Talib. Barber, Mack and Piscitelli could play man was probably watching re-runs of their college game films.

The punter and kicker have to go as well. I've seen high school kickers boot more than a 35 yard average and can put the kick-offs into the end zone.

I, for one, was all for the release of Brooks, Galloway, Garcia, Carter, Dunn and Hillard. In hindsight, what they lacked in speed and agility in their advanced years of playing in the NFL, they all had something this crop of young Bucs do not have. Heart.