Bill Belichick All Smiles While Enjoying Downtime with Kid Rock

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IMarch 21, 2016


Look! It's Bill Belichick!

What you're seeing, however, is simply a man smiling, wearing a tropical button-down shirt and hanging out with Kid Rock.

After all, there's no way the notoriously expressionless New England Patriots head coach could be doing any of the aforementioned things—let alone all three.

But he is!

While the rest of New England suffers an onslaught of snow, Belichick is thawing out in Jupiter, Florida, with girlfriend Linda Holliday and enjoying a meal with a fellow famous Detroit dweller at Tiger Woods' restaurant.

So what's the cause of such an uncharacteristically dazzling display of ease and pearly whites?

Perhaps the Pats should investigate. Seeing this side of Belichick at the podium would be quite fun.