The AFC West: How Big of a Mess Is It?

Ramone BrownSenior Writer ISeptember 28, 2009

It has now become very apparent that my Raiders have quite a few problems. But I've decided if I'm going to bash my own team I might as well bash the rest of the division.

Here's my best shot at bringing down all the teams in the division with my Raiders.

So lets start off with my Raiders of course.

Aside from the Monday Night opener, the Raiders look horrible.

Not only that, but based on this season's performances thus far the Raiders' last three first round draft picks look like busts. JaMarcus Russell can barely hit the broad side of a barn and the only players he can occasionally hit in stride are Zach Miller and defensive backs.

Darren McFumble...I mean McFadden not only has the lowest yards per carry of the three Raider running backs but he averages a fumble about once every 10 carries. Definitely not living up to the hype.

And then there's Darius Heyward-Bey. He can run very fast but that's about it. So far this season he has one reception and two interceptions while he was being targeted.

To make things stranger the first round draft pick from four drafts ago, Michael Huff, who we were all convinced was a bust is now playing like a man on fire with four take-aways.

And then there's Tom Cable.

Well he motivated the team and got them to buy into the "team first" and "53 men committed to one purpose" philosophy, blah blah blah.

But motivation and hope can only get you so far. Try hoping in one hand and shitting in the other and see which one fills up faster.

Unless Tom Cable can learn how to call an offense or finds someone who can, all that motivation will turn into false hope as team morale drops. 

Now onto the Chiefs.

Well the Chiefs aren't just bad. They are horrible. And at 0-3 I would be surprised if they can match last years win total of two.

They are actually so bad that despite playing against the worst QB performance I have ever seen, the Chiefs failed to come up with a win or even a single interception.

The Chiefs also have three backup QBs and have already fired an offensive coordinator this preseason. Plus, they traded away possibly the best tight end in NFL history and their biggest offensive weapon.

Then there's the consensus Super Bowl favorite of the last three years—the Chargers.

As of right now I would put them in second in the division but with the Raiders and Chiefs not far behind. And with the Chargers roster beginning to look like an ER, I wouldn't be surprised if if they end up in third or even fourth in the division.

Despite being the most over-hyped team in the NFL three years running, the Chargers were dominated in nearly ever facet of the game by the Raiders. Funny, the Broncos did the same to the Raiders.

But in the end the Chargers were able barely skate by with a win. No thanks to some questionable officiating and a lead changing touchdown drive leaving 28 seconds on the clock.

Also in reality the Chargers have yet to defeat a quality team. Raiders are 1-2, and the Dolphins are 0-3.

Wow I just had deja vu.

Now, finally, onto the AFC west leading Denver Broncos. Or should I say AFC worst. Yes congratulations Broncos fans, your team is in the lead of the worst division in the NFL.

Oh wait, sorry. As a Raider fan I am not allowed to refer to them as Broncos.

Guess what horse riders? Despite being 3-0, every power ranking list to come out this week will still list the Chargers above your donkeys.

And of course you guys already know why. You have yet to even play a good team. You barely beat the Bengals. The Browns, despite scoring 20 against Minnesota, have still scored only one offensive TD in the last 36 quarters.

Notice how in the last week that 32 rose to 36. The Browns are horrible, and next week it will probably rise again to 40 quarters.

Then you played the Raiders. Well as you've read, the Raiders aren't very good. Not to mention prior to this loss most NFL power rankings had the Raiders somewhere between 25 and 29.