Lions Driving Redskin Fans Crazy

Anthony BrownCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2009

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 27: A fan cheers after a Lions touchdown during the game between the Washington Redskins  against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 27, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions defeated the Redskins 19-14. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

With a deep sense of shame and guilt, I confess. I left the sports bar at half-time of the Redskins-Lions game and went grocery shopping. It seemed a better use of my time.

While standing in the check-out line, I got to thinking about the auto industry cliches we are bound to hear all week in the wake of the Skins' 19-14 loss.

Skins rear-ended by Lions.

Speedbump on the road to the playoffs.

Another bailout for Detroit.

Defense has flat tire.

Lions shift to high gear.

Redskin wreck.

How are the Redskins like a Ford? Found on road dead.

I'm sure there's more i'm not thinking of at the moment.

Me? I'm a diehard 'Skins fan so I feel badly for the team, players and coaches.

Washington has done what no sports team should do; they've become an embarrassment because they ran out of gas in Motown.

The franchise, meaning the owner, has a problem on his hands. Competing sports franchises, improved technologies, insensitive business practices and the on-field product are conspiring to fracture the Redskins' grip on this town.

Competing sports franchises?

The Capitals are a perennial NHL Playoff challenger. My neighbor, Michael Lee, is the Washington Wizards beat writer for The Washington Post. He assures me that the Wizards will make a playoff run this season. I don't know anything about soccer, but DC United always hovers around the championship.

Competing technologies?

A four seat, lower bowl season ticket package costs around $5000.00. That about covers the cost for a really nice, big screen HDTV, and the theater seats to go with an at home media center. Who needs stadium seats? Beer would be cheaper, too.

Business practices?

We don't worry about bogus death panels killing grandma. Getting sued by your team will do the same. Whether you held tickets, or were on the waiting list, you were aghast at that news. 

On field product?

The Redskins have won five of 13 games from the 2008 Rams game to Detroit today. That included splitting the series with the Rams and Detroit.

I've seen all this before. I'm old enough to remember the 1960's Redskins. I take the long view.

It's why I'm ok with going grocery shopping at halftime.

I have tickets to the Tampa Bay game. How much cash could I get for that cluncker?