Kristaps Porzingis Puts Moves on ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell

Vanessa de BeaumontContributor IMarch 2, 2016

New York Knicks

Mismatches happen in basketball every day. Take, for example, a nimble guard crossing over a heavy-footed center or an aggressive power forward posting up an undersized floor general. 

But you have never seen this: ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell vs. the Big Apple rookie sensation, Kristaps Porzingis.

The one-on-one matchup at Delta's "Fly Like a Pro" event ended precisely the way you'd think it would. 

Porzingis first sent Rovell teetering backward after the ESPN reporter bit hard on the 7-footer's jab step, giving up a trey in the process.

For his next trick, Porzingis hit a flawless turnaround fadeaway jumper after immediately backing down Rovell with ease.

And then he backed down the analyst some more...

If Rovell was attempting to channel some of the Dream Team's magic by swapping his typical suit and tie for a USA Basketball Michael Jordan jersey, it didn't quite go according to plan.

Worse still, as The Big Lead's Rob Perez attests, the move may have a detrimental effect (the kind that Rovell will perhaps break down later).

Everyone loves a good underdog, but in this situation, Rovell never had a chance.

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