Positive Vs. Negative.

mark cobbsContributor ISeptember 26, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 20:  Quarterback JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders talks with Bruce Gradkowski #5 on the bench during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Ill try and make this short. Lets look at all the positive and negative aspects of Jamrcus Russell.


1. Accuracy- Yes he has accuracy issues, but he wasnt like that  at LSU. And for the first time he has real NFL coaches in Paul Hackett (Montana,Bono,and Gannon are some of the QB's he's coached and Ted Tollner (Steve Young, Jeff Garcia are some of the QB's hes coached. But they have only been with JR about 3 months. Give it time his accuracy issues are fixable and he has 2 of the best coaches in the NFL to do it and all that according to Gannon.

2. Homework- To me this is a far bigger issue than Accuracy, if you dont do your homework in the NFL it will cost you. Hopefully the game vs. KC will get his ass in gear.Not too mention his friend and teammate from LSU Derrick Bowe calling him out.


3.Fitness- Ya this boy is a fat body for sure, better health and fitness help stave of illness and injury. Lay off the Twinkies and Mcdonalds son.


4.Professionalism- Pros come to camp in shape, Pros come to camp and games prepared, Pros do their homework and come to games ready for what the opponent has for them.

The solution to problems 2-4 I think can be solved by the team making his ass move to Oakland. The solution to problem 1 is in the capable hands of Hackett and Tollner. But he needs to solve these problems this year, this season, right now.



1. Arm Strength- This guy has the strongest arm in the NFL. Thats why you take maybe 3-4 seasons to develop him. The Raiders problem is his first season was a total waste, and his second season didnt actually start until about game 5. There is only 6 QB's in the league right now that have Superbowl victories. Brady,Rothlisberger,Farve,Warner,E.Manning, and P.Manning. Whats the common denominator amongs these 6 men? Strong arms. They can whiz a 25 yarder thru traffic, they can send a screamer to the TE from 5 yards away for a TD, and they can throw deep with some accuracy. The Penningtons and Ortons cant thats why they dont win Superbowls.

2.Height- What is he 6'8"? allows him to see the field over his lineman. How many of these short guys have had passes knocked down or couldnt even throw it because the lineman around them were towering over them.

3.Attitude- Theres only 6 QB's in the league I think that could have a game as bad as he did in KC and still have the attitude to come back in the 4th and win the game. Those 6 are in the list above. This kid has had everything bad happen to a young QB that can possibly happen. No defense, bad receivers,no run game, crappy coaches, bad coaching,no coaching, porous O-line, got hammered all last season, the media all over him and the team, and this kid just keeps going out there and keeps trying, he keeps getting up and just keeps on coming. Mentally I think people are missing the picture on this kid. Your not a dumbass if you can open the season with 2 rookie receivers play 2 divisional games, make 2- 4th quarter lead taking drives and keep your team in the game even when the offense is sputtering and missing.

4.Turnovers- JR just doesnt do it very often, most qb's throw a pick a game, JR is way below that. I would rather see 15 incompletes than a picksix or a int. in our own territory. Winning games in the NFL is about not turning the ball over and keeping your team close until the 4th quarter. He seems to be doing that pretty damn good so far this year. If it isnt there he doesnt force it and throws it away, he doesnt hold the ball too long which leads to sacks and fumbles, and he doesnt run around like an idiot trying to make something happen(that something usually being a sack,pick,or fumble. No he throws incompletes. Some of these passes they say are way off target are throw aways people.

A lot of these positives are things you cant teach and a lot of the negatives are things you can correct. This is a young team that I see being dominant for years to come if people just have a little patience. Lets all try something a little different this year from the past 6 lets drop all the Negativity for a few games and try to be Positive because there is a lot of positive things going on for this team right now and i think everyone is focusing too much on one negative aspect-Accuracy- that is a fixable problem. If you think I missed something say so this is my first article so tear it up.