Detroit Lions: Let The Youth Movement Begin!

Chris StewardContributor IOctober 25, 2016

Lets see if I this analogy works.

Ever heard of the guy who meets this great girl? This girl is loving, but guarded.  She has this huge wall built from past relationships. Although, the guy knows she loves him and wants to be there for him, he also knows she is scared he will hurt her like the men before him.

Well, the Detroit Lions are that guy.

The fans, on the other hand are the heartbroken, love-torn woman who can not let the pain go. We continue to compare every player at every position to their predecessor. Matthew Stafford is compared to Joey Harrington (not fair), Kevin Smith to Barry Sanders (come on) and Calvin Johnson to Herman Moore (a little closer, but 2 years does not a career make). 

I know this should not have to be said, but it's 2009.  These are not your grandfather's Lions team.  Hell, this ain't even your older cousin's Lions team.  There has been a complete changing of the guard in the front office and coaching staff.  Over half of the roster has been replaced.  As much as we love to say "Same old Lions", we can not.

We have to let it go.

This Detroit team is 0-2, not 0-19.  These players lost the first two games on their own merit.  Not because Matt Millen screwed the pooch for eight years. Not because when Marinelli said "pound the rock" he actually was underneath it trying to reach the surface. This is Martin Mayhew's and Jim Schwartz's team. This is a young team with five rookie starters and at crucial positions (qb, dt, s, lb and te). The star receiver is three years in and the halfback is a second year player running behind a sophmore right tackle. The defensive line core is even younger.  Cliff Avril is also in his second year while Sammie Hill is in his first and our best safety is a rookie.

So I say to you, love again.  Its ok.

Let the past go, let bygones-be-bygones. This is a new generation and its time we let them stand on their own merits. This is a new relationship and if this is going to work we need to give it a chance.

Either that or grow up and be the Cat Lady.