10 Reasons Why The Media and Other Fan Bases Should Shut Up

Josh MonteroContributor IISeptember 25, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 8:  (L-R) Stanford Routt #26, Kirk Morrison #52 and Gibril Wilson #28 of the Oakland Raiders line up in position during the NFL game against the Denver Broncos on September 8, 2008 at McAfee Coliseum in Oakland, California. The Broncos defeated the Raiders 41-14. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

As a faithful Raiders fan you have spent your life enduring the ridicule of commentators, and other fan bases. The last 6 years have been painful, but have strengthened our love and commitment to the greatest organization and owner in professional sports.

Here are 10 Reasons why you shouldn’t pay attention to the naysayers:

1. Almost everyone talking about how crazy Al Davis is and the poor decisions he has made, really has no clue what they are talking about. Al Davis is far from crazy. His questionable selection of Darrius Hayward-Bey seems to be brilliant at this point. Crabtree will sit out the entire year, and DHB will continue to work on his hands. You can make your hands better, but you cannot create world class speed over night. DHB is a project and will end up paying huge dividends down the road. Louis Murphy in the 4th Round was a steal and he is making an immediate impact.

2. The NFL and the sports networks, specifically ESPN hate the Raiders and are trying to do anything in their power to continue the negativity. Ever since Al Davis sued the NFL the league has had it in for the organization. Mr. Davis has always done what he wants to do, and rightfully so he has done more for the development of the National Football League than any other 5 owners combined. One thing that is never talked about is the respect that all of the other owners give to Al Davis, and how they always support and follow whatever he suggests. If he is out of his mind, why do all of the other owners respect him so much and still follow his lead?

3.Our owner's greatest shortcoming is that he wants to win now. As a fan, I'll take that.

4. This team is loaded with young talent and the attitude has changed in the locker room. This young talent is going to be around for a long time and they are anxious to prove themselves.

5. Tom Cable's tough guy, simple approach has got this team believing they can compete and win the AFC West. The most important thing for a new head coach is making sure the veterans and the young players buy into the system...clearly that's the case in Oakland.

6. The Raiders have shown great improvement in discipline. This alone is reason to be excited. We will no longer beat ourselves, and it will allow us to win close games.

7. We have the best special teams unit in football. Let’s face it, football is a chess match that comes down to time management and field position. Shane Lechler is the best punter in NFL history and constantly pins our opponents deep in their own territory. Seabass has the strongest leg in the game and has been money for us in the clutch. Johnnie-Lee Higgins, when healthy, is one of the league’s most dangerous return men.

8.Most of the naysayers who speak about the Raiders are nothing but parrots repeating what they heard some other "expert" else say. It’s ironic, most people that say how awful we are or want to critique our draft moves or game plan can't even name the punter on their own team.

9. Everyone will always hate us because we have bullied them since the league's inception. Remember this: every weak person in the world loves to take shots at the champ when he is down, it is typical mob mentality at its best.

10. No matter what anyone says about our organization, know that we are the greatest fans in the world. No other fan will ever be able to understand what it is to be a Raider fan. It is a curious, enduring love. You are born a Raiders fan and you will die a Raiders fan. The valleys make you appreciate the peaks that much more. We are climbing and the rest of the league knows it. Let them talk, because their time is running out quickly.