Jamarcus Russell for First Round Pick: Why Oakland Raiders Should Make the Trade

Eli EtzelContributor IMay 29, 2008

The Oakland Raiders should trade away their "franchise quarterback" aka Jamarcus Russell. If the Oakland Raiders would get rid of Russell before the start of the season so they could get a first round pick before everyone sees him stink. So what teams would be interested in Russell. 


Why they would trade for him:

They need a QB but if you are reading this, you are saying they have Henne and Beck but do you think they are your QBs of the future? No they are not. Russell would make Ted Ginn better because he can throw it deep to him.

Why they won't trade for him:

The Dolphins will most likely get a top three pick in next years draft and do not want to give it away. They know if they do the trade they will have three horrible quarterbacks on their team.


Why they will trade for him:

They could use a QB that can throw the ball deep and up high to Dwayne Bowe. It would be smart to put Russell back on the same team with his favorite target in Bowe. Croyle is a game manager and can't throw the ball deep.

Why they won't:

Russell is not a huge upgrade from Croyle. The Chiefs are in rebuilding mode and want a high draft pick. 


Why they will:

Rex Grossman.

Why they won't:

Lovie Smith likes Rex Grossman.

Those are the teams I think would trade for him if he was available. If you think of some or agree or disagree let me know.

 P.S. if the trade goes through Pat White to Oakland.