Early Thoughts on The Raiders-Broncos Week Three Matchup

OAKLANDRAIDERCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2009

Enter the Denver Broncos public enemy No. 1 for the Raider Nation. There is no other team in the NFL I would like to beat more then the orange haired horses from Colorado. When browsing around Bleacher Report I have seen the Broncos fans speaking on the Raiders.

Broncos fans bring up stats from their miracle win vs. the Cincy Bengals and their victory over the Cleveland Browns. Little do they know the Raiders fan base could care less.

When the two teams meet this Sunday, September 27th, 2009 in Oakland, California, it will mark the 98th time these two squads have battled. Long before many of us were alive the hate towards one another was on going.

When the Denver Broncos come into town, you can throw all the stats into the San Francisco Bay. They will see an Oakland Raiders team who will be prepared to do anything it takes to win.

What I hate most about the Denver Broncos fanbase is how cocky they are for a team that has done nothing since John Elway was their QB. They run their mouth and overlook the Raiders. Broncos fans are quick to ignore the fact that the Raiders were able to beat them the last time they played.

If anything the Oakland Raiders are looking for more revenge at home. Since that game in week one in 2008, the Oakland Raiders team has changed and grown up.

Broncos fans will sit here and bad talk JaMarcus Russell skills until their fingers bleed. Well, I return to what happened week 12 last season.

I'm not going to make any predictions of score or outcome, I'm not going to sit here and go over stats, and I'm not going to look at key matchups.

This is the Denver Broncos; if you don't know their team then you aren't a real Raiders fan.

I expect a great hard fought divisional game to be played.

What it's going to come down to is this; the Denver Broncos will take a plane flight to Oakland, California. They will step into the Black Hole. 60,000+ Raiders fans, who hate everything about Denver, will be cheering and screaming loud. It's going to come down to who wants it more, not the stats. When it's your rival, it's time to fight.

I'm talking bashing Kyle Orton’s head into the dirt baseball field, hitting Knowshon Moreno into next week, and covering the Broncos passing game.

We need to run the ball down the Broncos throat with McFadden, Bush, and Fargas.

We need to pass the ball and make up for last weeks poor performance at home in front of the Raider Nation.

I'm talking about the pre game Hell's Bells, seeing the Raiders come out in black, and giving high fives to the Black Hole before the game.

I could give a damn about some stats; I want to see a victory.

Now for some laughs...

Look at some of these quotes from Broncos fans from Bleacher Report, I want you to see what there saying about the Raiders, enjoy.




SAYRE: Well, it is a good thing the Oakland Raiders have one of the NFL's best punters, because they might be using him a lot on Sunday.

SAYRE: This matchup with the Raiders, aside from being one that is on the road, is very favorable for the Denver Broncos.

SAYRE: Oakland is not a good passing team, and quite honestly, they are just not a good offensive team, ranking 24th in scoring and 29th in total offense.  Denver's number one defense was tested by Carson Palmer, dominated Brady Quinn, and they should have no troubles keeping JaMarcus Russell in a bottle

SAYRE:  I can understand if the facts were in your favor why you would say that, but the fact of the matter is, JR is going up against a very, VERY good secondary with the worst completion percentage in the NFL. I don't care what he did in the second game against Denver last season; we don't have any of those players anymore.

Your secondary is good, but our wide receivers and tight ends are better than your secondary.

SAYRE: Why won't we enjoy the game? So bad for the Raiders that they take it off TV before the third quarter starts?

SAYRE: So if Nnamdi is "masterlock" on Marshall, who is going to cover Royal, Scheffler, Stokley, Gaffney, Moreno, Buckhalter, and Hillis? Who is going to beat Ryan Clady or Ryan Harris off the edge? You might know they didn't allow a sack last season nor have they yet this season.

RALOE: Here's a lil joke for you- How do Raider fans teach their kids how to count...0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4....lolol!

Kills me every time I tell it! BRONCOS.

RANDY GARCIA: I don't think (raiders) that they will put it together for this game. The Broncos should be able to exploit the middle of the Raiders defense while Nmadi and Brandon battle each other one on one. I'm also not sure that the raiders will be able to get pressure on Orton. Orton will have the ball out of his hand too quick for the rush to get to him

MICHAEL MILLER: I'll put money on the Bronco defense coming up big again. I don't like to make predictions, but if I were going to predict this one, I'd say 17 -13 Broncos, Maybe 20-16 Broncos. That said I hope it turns out 34-6 Broncos.

SAYRE: I think you are right Michael. I don't think they are sniffing 150 unless they break a couple of big runs. I don't make score predictions anymore either, but I'll hope for 41-14, just like we got in "The sphincter" last year.

SAYRE: Brian Dawkins is fully capable of covering Zach Miller one on one. It will be interesting to see how the Raiders defend our skill players. We have a ton of them, and it will be interesting to see how they defend Correll Buckhalter who is second among starting RB's in yards per carry.

MICHAEL2 KELLER: Jamarcus will have about a 45% Comp ratio, 1 INT, 3 sacks and 135 YDS passing. He will go into the locker room and wolf down a $20 rack of ribs and come out in the 3rd QTR with BBQ stains all over his uni. Not a pretty sight for the Black Hole Sunday. Sorry Guys

ED LEVY: I see someone graciously loaned the prisoners at Folsom laptops and gave them the URL to bleacherreport.com. Look Faider fans...your team has been the worst team for five friggin years and will continue to be the bottom of the barrel as long as Davis owns this team. Just give it up and go back to reading the Koran from your jail cell.

MICHAEL2 KELLER: As they say, if it wasn't for weekend release programs in the East Bay, there would never be a sell-out @ Oakland Stadium. Al sends caravans of buses to the prisons and jails to round up his posse so they won't have to black out the games on TV.

ED LEVY: Don't forget about those on probation and parole. They're making more than those on the work-release program, so they can afford the $10 black hole seats. The rest will be the Bronco fans laughing at the transvestite-esque guys wearing black makeup. Oh yea, they will also be laughing at the score—Broncos 31, Jokeland 3.



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