Raiders Defeat KC!! JaMarcus Continues To Struggle

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IINovember 5, 2016

 It was a game of defense for the Raiders. Michael Huff did an outstanding job in the secondary as he picked Matt Cassell twice. But what about the Jamarcus issue?

  The JaMarcus issue? Yes fans, JaMarcus looked even worse in todays battle against the Kansas City Chiefs. Fortunately, the Chiefs played horribly. They had had a lot of penalties that really hurt them as well as bad clock management at the end of the first half as KC failed to get three pts.

  Jamarcus Russell threw horribly to Zach Miller, Darren McFadden and star WR Louis Murphy. many of the routes were set up easy and JaMarcus simply threw bad bad passes. Not unlike the interception he threw last week in the end zone.

  At games end, JaMarcus tossed a shuffle pass to McFadden and he ran in to score the winning points. There would be no passing for JaMarcus and Tom Cable made sure to let the RBs handle the work .

  Michael Bush appears to be the power back the Raiders need. He pounded constantly at the Chiefs line and had good results. Michael Bush reminds me of Tyrone Wheatley and I was hoping he would break for a TD during the game.

  What will Tom Cable do with JaMarcus Russells performance? JaMarcus cannot be allowed to play at low par. As I am watching the game it is all to evident that the Raiders have a threatening team provided they gain leadership from a field general and JaMarcus Russell at this point does not meet the criteria.

  The Oakland Raiders have put together a playoff team and Thomas Howard showed how great he was as well. The weak link was JaMarcus Russells arm. The Oakland Raiders could easily have had 4 TDs playing KC but faltering passes and overthrown ducks hurt the Raiders.

  I am glad the rest of the team stepped up to win one for the Cableman. Next week the Raiders take on the Denver Broncos and I really want to see a different JaMarcus. He needs to either play a solid game or sit down and let Gradowski do the easy shuffle passing to McFadden. I hope Russell will improve but if not then he can really hurt the Raiders.