The Most Pathetic NFL Team

eric brooksCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

4 Aug 2001:  A player of the Oakland Raiders holds up his helmet during the Pre-Season game against the Dallas Cowboys at the network Associates Coliseum in Oakland, California. The Raiders defeated the Cowboys 21-14.Mandatory Credit: Jed Jacobsohn  /Allsport

Apparently, Monday nights game was a mirage! We had hope that the team had taken a turn and this was the year they improve. But as I continue to watch this game against the Chiefs, I realize nothing has changed!

Jamarcus Russel has to be the worst excuse for a quarterback! He can't hit open receivers. Where is the improvement we heard about? Still over throwing his targets! Put him on the line where he belongs!

After monday I was looking forward to this season, the team is being embarassed by a team they man-handled last year! Cable obviously doesnt have a clue how to call a game.

The defense is back to it's old tricks. John Marshall's defense isnt any better than Ryans! Nobody can stop the running backs, Nnamdi and Huff cant be the entire defense. Seymour what happened to him and all his experience?

Cable better start sweating, his play calling is atrocious! How many times do you run up the middle for no gain before you figure out its not there!! Put him back as the line coach where he belongs.

If it wasnt for Kansas Citys penalties Oakland would be behind in this game. How many times do we get to watch Hiram Eugene call for a fair catch? I almost thought it was Tim Brown back there.

Same old crap, different year, have a tean in 3rd and long and let them get the first down. The Raiders deserve to lose this game! Russell needs to be benched for the next game! He is not the answer, I dont care how strong of an arm he has if he doesnt have the accuracy.

Looks like they should have traded this years first round pick because at this point it looks like the Raiders will have one of the first picks. I dont care if I get attacked over this article because I am tired of seeing the same thing every year. Cable and Russell are not the answer to getting this team where it needs to go! And I wasted good money on the NFL Ticket to watch putrid football by a team that looked like it had turned the corner.