Keep Brett Favre's Locker? No, Remove the Distraction

Brian MillerCorrespondent IMay 28, 2008

I support the Packers. I enjoy watching them, and that includes Brett Favre, because he is one of the greatest players in this team's rich history. If you read my past and future articles, you will see that my knowledge for the Packers matches my love for the team. However, I do not support keeping his locker intact in the team's locker room.

Brett Favre has done a lot for the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay used to be known as the place you went when your career was over, or on the way to being over. He came to town, became an instant fan favorite, and played with his heart, which resulted in a lot of wins, including a Super Bowl.

When Brett Favre decided to retire, he made the right decision. He was on the top of his game and was still very healthy. He can spend his time with his daughter in their last few years together and catch up on hunting.

Since his retirement, Brett has continued to express his love for the game, and sometimes even hint at coming out of retirement. Brett is only doing Aaron and the Packers a disservice.

In a recent interview, Aaron has even mentioned that he hasn't spoken to Brett once this offseason. This is why the Green Bay Packers' management has chosen the first game of the year to retire his number; they want the past to be the past.

Now, just recently, the story has gotten even deeper. Jason Wilde of recently had a conversation with Coach McCarthy on why Brett's locker is still intact.

Coach McCarthy said, "I think it's more than a locker, and there's some plans for the locker that will be addressed in the future. But there's nothing else to it. I wouldn't want his locker, especially after his hygiene, my goodness. It's a locker of a very special player in the history of our organization, and there are some plans for the future, and we'll address that when it comes. I'll just leave it at that."

Two things immediately come to mind when you hear of this step taken by the Packers. One, this will not help Aaron Rodgers out at all. He will come into the locker room everyday and think to himself that this is still Brett Favre's team. Two, they are saving the locker for Brett because they think Aaron will fail and they want to keep their MVP happy.

Coach McCarthy mentioned he wouldn't want to dress in that locker. I wouldn't want that locker either, so remove it and put it in the Packer Hall Of Fame. Build a new locker, and put our new long snapper there. This memorial in the locker room will only cause a distraction for the rest of the team. I guarantee that on game days, the first thing the Packers' rookies will be thinking of is Favre, not the day's gameplan.

The only lockers that are ever kept in locker rooms after a player is no longer on a team are for those who have passed away. I think that is great tribute to a fallen teammate and friend. Most recently the Washington Redskins sealed the locker of Sean Taylor to pay tribute to the safety. Brett is still alive and well. He will probably be a play-by-play commentator if the media reports are correct. I respect the decision when a player has passed away.

As mentioned, no other player in the history of sports has his locker still intact after he had retired. Yes, Michael Jordan has a statue, but a locker in the Bulls locker room does not say Michael Jordan. Joe Montana, no locker in San Francisco. For all he knows, Ricky Schmitt, the first year punter, could be sitting in Joe's locker.

I also understand that no one has ever played the game like Brett Favre, has had the numbers like Brett Favre, or meant so much to a community like Brett Favre, so that's why I am all for removing the most historic locker in all of Wisconsin and putting it in the nearby Hall of Fame.

I will continue to state over and over that I am a huge Packers' fan, and will be the rest of my life. However, I am a Packers fan, not just a Brett Favre fan, and I feel this move will hurt the team. I am not okay with that.