The JaMarcus Russell Experiment

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The JaMarcus Russell Experiment

In the closing minutes of Monday Night's second good game was just heartbreaking. Again the Oakland Raiders were unable to seal the deal after a stellar, and almost dominant defensive performance. The visiting San Diego Chargers showed what their Veteren Leadership can do when it matters the most, especially against the Raiders, as of late are a victim to the fourth quarter.

Most of these late game losses, which we have gotten used to in the past few years, were the results of poor play calling or devious penalties and turnovers. This game  left a large percentage of the Raider Nation speechless. If there are any who are still talking, their voices are hoarse from the cheering for once, instead of swearing about the Referee and the usual bad Calls. But I believe I have found the reasoning for why us in the Raider Nation should be turning to the "silent treatment."

My main reason to warrant is that I noticed some developing trends of hatred towards JaMarcus Russell, which has circulated into the Coliseum with some "fans" that attend the games. His naysayers are most often made up of "Witless Republicans," usually the same moronic people that are driven to vote based on televised propaganda we can smell from quite some distance.

I am asking for the foundation of a new role of support to be built by the fans for our Nation's Troops. Us standing behind this young squad is what is needed the most. This will enable this young, but talanted team thrive.

Yes I am aware that JaMarcus has started his NFL Career a little bit shaky, but we should be treating him like we believe that he is our Tom Brady, in the franchise player we are being told he is. We pay to go watch him, if you doubt him, and his obvious progression, then simply stay home. We have no room for haters to be wearing our own colors. Let's say the Chargers were not able to pull it off at the end, Russell has some puppy dog critics who would've said some off the wall statement about his accuracy. But when it was 4th and 15, with the Raiders trailing by four, did he look inaccurate? How about the dropped ball (TD) by Louis Murphy in the endzone at the end of the first half?

If JaMarcus Russell would have thrown a few more key completions to keep the offense on the field early on, this would've quickly became a huge beat-down. But I am not really trying to say if but rather when, as in:

"When JaMarcus gets his timing issue under some control, this team is going to light up scoreboards."

Why would any of you so called Raiders fans make jokes out of a 23 year old Quarterback whom left the game with a hurt knee, only to have him come back just three plays later, and throw what would've been a game winning touchdown. Many of us that have trusted his every decision, have noticed his desire, and will to win for the Oakland Raiders.

So let's leave all the drama to ESPN and their professionals to say what every Hater wants to hear. It will also keep the Media away while JaMarcus Russell smooth out this glitch with his WR's. There is going to be a point when these young guys turn to Russell as the Leader, and I feel that's how the fans need to treat him.

Looking at the relatively few "Raiders Fans," who say Russell actually is garbage, please go give your Randy Moss jersey to the Goodwill. We know your kind of football knowledge, you see to always talk all of that Corporate media jargon you hear on sports channels that have a strong East Coast Bias!

To our true fans, just keep on smiling, you saw a glimpse of the Raiders' future, and its coming real soon!

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