Barnavicious XCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

Why does this arrogant globule insist on being the turd in the Raider's punchbowl?

Why do they continue to allow this festering goo man to spew his bile on national TV?

Warren dear, you sucked as a Raider, we're over it, you should be too.

We're all familiar now with Warren Sapp's most recent unsubstantiated bullshit opinions about the Raiders. We also know where Warren gets his material; his ass, via his mouth of course.

Well Warren, you got nothing, I'm on to your tricks. Just like in Oakland you're too lazy to put the work in, actually research a subject and provide journalistic integrity instead spewing your bile all over our TV screens

I'll admit it's been working for you though, they're actually calling you an analyst.

You're Anti-Raider wishing-well will run dry eventually. Then what Warren;what are you going to talk about? You and I know the only time you get press these days is either dragging your fat ass around a dance floor or bashing the Raiders.

I hope your leotard is clean because your days of bashing the Raiders are nearing an end. Then what will you talk about...the Rumba or Pasa Doble? Think Phil (bitter my son will never be a starter) Simms will agree with that? Maybe the two of you could be a pair, Simmzy would look cute in one of those skimpy little out fits.

Are you unhappy with Al because he said Richard Seymour is and was better than you? Did that truth sting a bit pal. By the way Seymour's 2 sacks Monday, already match your total for all of '07, nice work Killa'.

Open wide big fella Raider Nation is about to take a big silver and black dump... you know where...

Well...I feel better...