NBA Ref Lockout Is an NBA Fan's Knockout

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2009

Today it was announced that the NBA referees will not start the NBA preseason with the players.

After their contracts expired on September 1, the zebras were not satisfied with the retirement benefits the NBA offered during renegotiations. 

So the refs are going on strike...or...wait a minute...who cares?

Guess what NBA refs?

Almost no NBA fan will care that you're gone.

Almost none of us will miss you.

Almost none of us will want you back. 

Face it NBA refs, most NBA fans think you suck.

And not in the ceremonial "the refs suck" ideology that all refs deal with regardless of the sport.

NBA refs—most of us hate you.  Most of us recognize that you're corrupt.  Most of us enjoy watching you suffer.

You've made a living doing NBA commissioner David Stern's bidding and now his league won't even give you the retirement you want, even after all that shoe licking. 

How does that taste?

I love the NBA.  Following the league is my favorite hobby.  And I know that in order to win you have to beat the opposing team and the guys in the stripes.  Yup.  It's part of the game.

The refs don't call it fair. 

The refs won't call it fair.

The NBA favors big market teams. 

The NBA favors L.A.

The NBA favors big market players.

The NBA favored Jordan.


The league makes more money when those teams and players win. 

The bigger the market, the more ratings.

The bigger the player, the more their jerseys and other memorabilia sell.

Sure, these teams and players have shed blood, sweat, and tears to earn the respect of the league and get some extra calls.

But so have a great deal other smaller market players and teams who have been treated unfairly by the NBA.

Case in Point—the 2002 Sacramento Kings? 

Game Six of the Western Conference Finals: Sacramento leading L.A. three games to two and the refs allow the two-time repeating NBA champion Lakers to shoot 27 free throws in the fourth quarter that accounted for 16 of their last 18 points. L.A. won the game, 106-102.

Nobody will forget that, NBA refs.

It was the murder of a season right in front of our eyes.

And that is simply the tip of the iceberg.

I hope people who read this will post their all-time favorite NBA ref screw-up story.

Current NBA refs—your time has come.

Get lost.

The NBA, its fans, and the world of sports needs to get rid of the entire lot of NBA refs and make room for a new generation.

I am sure this new generation will have similar, if not identical, problems.

But maybe not.

Maybe someone out there can use this as an opportunity to set up an independent company that monitors the NBA refs, instead of allowing the refs to be monitored by the NBA directly? 

Maybe more Federal Investigations will ensue that can send these refs to prison where they belong? 

Look, all pro sports have dealt with serious corruption since the dawn of time. 

Nothing can change that.

But these NBA refs have been breaking the law in front of the cameras almost every night, and it's time to say goodnight.

K.O., NBA refs.

You're out.

Game over.