NFC West Featured Columnist Competition: Week One Results

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NFC West Featured Columnist Competition: Week One Results
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Week One of the 2009 NFC West FC Competition is in the books, and there could already be some separation.

Andrew, Ron, and Seth took advantage of the Underdog Bonus in Week One, as each selected one winner who earned them extra points.

Here are the results and honors from Week One.

Individual Standings

Andrew 15, Ron 15, Seth 14, Rob 13, Chris 12, Dray 12, Steven 12, Scotty 9

Overall Standings

St. Louis 29, San Francisco 27, Arizona 24, Seattle 22

Pick of the Week - Seth Doria (San Francisco over Arizona)

Super Bowls be damned, Seth took the Niners to topple last year's NFC Champs. More impressively, he did so without the support of either San Francisco representative. Seth was the lone advocate of the Niners, but this correct choice netted him two points from the Underdog Bonus

Fail of the Week - Dray Miller (St. Louis over Seattle)

Honorable Mention here goes to Scotty (Kansas City over Baltimore) and Chris/Seth (Carolina over Philadelphia), but the St. Louis Rams were certainly the worst looking of the bunch.

St. Louis rumbled, bumbled, and stumbled their way to a shutout loss in Seattle, which, given the state of Seahawks football, doesn't paint a beautiful portrait of their 2009 outlook.

Hot Streak - Andrew Garda (Undefeated in Early Games)

Andrew was on fire in the early games of Week One. He began the day 9 for 9, including an Underdog Bonus choice of the Denver Broncos over Cincinnati. Andrew was finally tripped up when his San Francisco 49ers upset the Arizona Cardinals. He still finished tied for first with 15 points. Good week, Andrew!

Struck Out Swinging - Scotty Kimberly (four picks eligible for Underdog Bonus)

Picking Kansas City to win in any given week is bold. Picking Oakland to win in any given week is also bold. Picking them to win in the same week is suicide. Don't believe me? The last time Kansas City and Oakland won in the same week was in September... in 2007!

Scotty took courage to heart and picked four unpopular choices: Tennessee over Pittsburgh, Kansas City over Baltimore, Miami over Atlanta, and Oakland over San Diego. Not a single one hit, and he is currently in last place.

What Might Have Been - Seth Doria

Had Brandon Stokley not found an early Christmas present in his lap, the Bengals would have held on to a close victory over Denver, and Seth Doria would be sitting in first place.

Instead, he is nestled into third place, behind two men who earned Underdog points from that same Denver victory. If it weren't for the tip drill, Seth, you could have been in first.

That's it for Week One. Chip in on what you think.


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