Giants Review Week One and Preview Week Two

Lewis OliverCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 13:  Brandon Jacobs #27 of the New York Giants runs the ball against the Washington Redskins on September 13, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)


 What a week one in the NFL. We saw some very close games, along with some not so close ones.

So all in all heres some of the important things we learned in week 1.

Drew Brees is a top ranked QB.

Yes this was obvious. But after week one people are starting to wonder if hes the best QB in the leauge. He has made some very strong aruments already and if he keeps up play like this there will be no doubt.

The browns are who we thought they were.

So was it AP who made AP look great, or was it the browns defence who made AP look so great? Needless to say, AP is a great back but i think the browns made him look alot better this week. They couldn't tackel for their lives in that second half. It was just s sad sight to see.

Mcnabb goes down HARD!!!

This could be huge. This could be the soul reason the Giants take the division. without Mcnabb and with Vick stuck on the bench (and him never being a great passer) the Eagles could be in some trobble.

Could the bills be the unluckiest team in NFL history?

Can you believe the Bills lead the whole game, only to lose in the final 2 minutes on a fumble on a kickoff? Well if you said any team other then the Bills I would say this won't happen often. But this was the Bills and it happens to often. just remember the Bills vs. Cowboys game. For all Bills fans left, I feel bad for you.

St. Louis is the worst team in the NFL.

Yeah the lions let Brees throw 6 TDs on them, and the Bucs allowed romo to put up a career high 358 yards on them. But thats just 1 side of the ball and those are both very talented teams in the talks for nice playoff runs. The Rams, however, faced a far worse team in the Seahawks and couldn't score a single point. Jones out ran Jackson and Hasselback tore up the Defence. Hey at least the Lions and Bucs got some points.

So lets get to the Giants. The team of this article.

Week 1

The New York Football Giants came out strong this week. They dominated this game for the most part and came out with a big win.

What we learned about the Giants

1. Eli showed us that Plax is a distant memory. completing 20-29 passes for 256 yards and a Touchdown to Mario Manningham. He did have one bad pass that was Intercepted but other then that he had a great game. Also remember this was a Redskins team that was supposed to be great on defence

2. The Giants defence is top of the class and Osi is back. Osi had a great fumble recovery for a Touchdown, which he also caused. He also had a sack and 3 tackels. Tuck comes out with 1.5 sacks this week with 4 tackels and Webster had 2 tackels and an amazing pick that most wideouts could barly make.

3. Jacobs and Bradshaw will be fine without Ward. Jacobs did struggle a little, only putting up 46 yards for a 2.9 YPC. He did however have a nice 15 yard run. Bradshaw on the other hard played good as always. putting up 60 yards with a 5 YPC and a very good 20 yard run.

Week 2 prediction

after watching the Giants beat the Redskins and seeing the Cowboys beat down the Bucs, I cant go out and put one team over the other to easily. A big deciding factor in my decision is the fact that the 'Skins are likely a playoff contender and the Bucs are a team in a rebuilding faze.

We already looked at what the giants did to the 'Skins, so lets look at the Cowboys against the Bucs a little closer.

Romo did look good. 3 TDs on some blown coverage. He did a great job reading the defence and made good decisions. Don't expect him to be able to read the Giants defence as easily, or get that much time in the pocket. 

The backs Jones and Barber did nice against the Bucs but that front 7 is nothing compared to the Giants front seven that destroyed the 'Skins Oline and ate up Portis, excluding that first run.

The Bucs didn't have a horrible passing game this week. Leftwich threw 276 yards and a TD. No nock on Leftwich or the WRs from the Bucs but they are not nearly as good as Eli and his group of young and upcoming WRs. If Eli has time to throw you can expect a big day from Eli and these young guys catching the ball.

The Cadillac is back. He ran great this past week putting up 97 yards and a TD on just 13 carries. His counterpart and former Giants put up 62 more yards on 12 carries and got into the End Zone once on his own. Williams reminds me of Bradshaw when he runs.

Jacobs has played the Cowboys 5 times in regular season. His first 3 games against the cowboys were not great. Having a total of 21 carries for 95 yards and a single TD. That said his last 2 games against the 'Boys have been much better. Getting 41 carries for 212 yards and 2 Touchdowns. You can expect Jacobs to have a decently good day. He should get around 15 carries with Bradshaw getting 13 or so. If the Giants running game gets going like it should do, this will be a long day for the cowboys.

My final

the giants will win this game 35-21.

Eli will have 2 TD passes. 1 to Manningham and 1 to Boss.

Jacobs will have 2 Touchdowns and Bradshaw will get 1 of his own.

Osi will get another sack along with tuck. Expect Canty to distroy the 'Boys to get back at them for releasing him.

Webster should be able to contain Williams and could get his second pick of the season.

Romo will throw 2 TDs both to TE Jason Witten and Jones will run in a big TD before getting shut down the rest of the game.


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