The Ultimate Fighter 10: Meet The Heavyweights Part 2

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIISeptember 16, 2009

STUDIO CITY, CA - MAY 19:  MMA fighter Kimbo Slice attends CBS's 'Elite XC Saturday Night Fights' Press Conference at CBS Radford Studios on May 19, 2008 in Studio City, California.  (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

Welcome everyone to part two of The Ultimate Fighter: Meet the Heavyweights if you missed part one click here.

In part one we took a look at Zak Jensen, Marcus Jones, Scott Junk, Jon Madsen, James McSweeney, Matt Mitrione and Roy Nelson.

Now let’s take a look at the remainder of this chalk full of potential cast of The Ultimate Fighter season 10.


Another fresh face to the MMA world Demico Rogers is looking to make a name for him on this season’s TUF.


Brendan Schaub another former NFL player who was part of the Buffalo Bills but did not play for them decided to step in the world of MMA and has made it a successful one so far.

Schaub made his MMA debut on 06/13/08 against Jay Lester which he would make a victorious one with a first round TKO in the first 30 seconds.

Schaub would continue this TKO trend with his next three fights as well with victories over Johnny Curtis via TKO (Knee Injury) round 1 time of 1:07… This would lead to two more TKO wins in the first round as well over Alex Rozman (Punches) at the time of 1:27 and a and Bojan Spalevic via TKO (Punches) at the time of 52 seconds in the first round.

With a clean loss record and four continuous wins under his belt Schaub looks to continue his impressive TKO win streak… Maybe he will continue this trend with the likes of Kimbo Slice as he made it clear upon Slices entrance presented by Dana White that he did not like Kimbo by stating, “F*** that guy”.

Will we see a matchup between Schaub vs Slice? Well you will have to watch and see.


Schoonover is another undefeated fighter on this seasons cast and is hoping to stay on that track all the way to the UFC octagon.

Schoonover made his MMA debut on 01/12/08 for Bonecrunch Fighting—Tampa Terrors vs. Port St. Lucie Devils with an impressive win with a Rear Naked Choke in the first round at the time of 1:16.

Schoonover would build up an impressive tear through his fellow competitors that stepped in to fight the undefeated heavyweight.

He would continue his streak with wins over Doug Williams, Chris Hawk, Corey Bellino, another win over Doug Williams, Brian Leftfoot, Mark Holata, George Paz, and Justin Howard and in his most recent fight before joining the cast he beat Rex Richards via TKO (Punches).

Schoonover being very comfortable with his fighting skills is hoping to prove his dominance against fellow inspiring heavyweights.

WES SHIVERS (0-0-0):

Wes Shivers is also a clean face with a clean record in the MMA world and is looking to build up his abilities while in the TUF house.

WES SIMS (22-12-1):

Wes Sims has a grip on experience in the MMA world with a total of 35 fights under his belt.

Sims made his MMA debut on 06/23/01 with a disappointing decision loss to Dan Severn.

Sims would make a five 6 win streak (With a no contest along the way against Edwin Allseitz) rebound with wins over Mike Paduano, Josh Mueller, Joe Mellotte, John Harmon, Mike Shepard and Marcus Silveira.

Sims would go on a 3 fight loss stint in the UFC with two loses by Frank Mir the first being at UFC 43- Meltdown via DQ (Kicking a Downed Opponent)… The rematch with Frank Mir would take place at UFC 46- Supernatural via KO (Punches).

Wes Sims would look to rebound but would fall short with his third loss against Mike Kyle at UFC 47- It’s On via KO (Punch).

Wes Sims would go onto another loss against Ricardeau Francois via TKO 26 seconds into the second round.

After suffering four deadly loses in a row that can be cryptic to ones MMA career Sims looked to get back on track with a win… Sims would take on and defeat Joe Mellote via Submission (Strikes) at EFC 9—Extreme Fighting Challenge 9.

But Sims would fall once again down in the loss lane with two more loses dock on his loss column against Antoni Hardonk Submission (Keylock) and against Tim Sylvia via TKO (Punches).

Sims would step back and get his head right after suffering two loses and would go on a four fight win streak (With a draw along the way against Daniel Gracie…He would get those four wins over fellow competitors Shane Lightle, Dustin Sutton, Junpei Hamada and Buddy Butler.

Wes Sims would than go onto face Daniel Gracie once again to make up for their draw in their first bout… Sims would not be successful in this bout as Gracie would pick up the win via Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke).

After that lost Sims would muster up another win streak with seven wins in a row… Sims would get those wins over Paul Bowers, Jabari Hawthorne, Robert Hogan, Kimo Leopoldo, Anton Cano, Albert Palmer and William Jaggers.

In his next bout (Wes Sims) would go on with a No Contest against Van Palacio and then would lose against Chris Guillen via Decision (Unanimous).

Sims looked to brush those to bouts aside and would win in his next bout via TKO over Daniel Long.

Wes Sims would meet up again with Chris Guillen and would suffer another loss with a TKO (Corner Stoppage)…He (Sims) would suffer two more loses against Travis Fulton via Decision (Unanimous) and a loss by Submission (Ankle Lock) by the hands of Steve Bosse.

Brushing those three loses off his shoulder he would match those loses with three wins over William Clifford Submission (Guillotine Choke), Clifford Coon (Submission), and Jason DeAngelo via KO.

Now with three wins under his belt going into the house Sims looks to re-enter the UFC and make it a successful one this time.

ABE WAGNER (6-2-0):

Abe Wagner looks to make his TUF experience a good one and hopefully gets his shot at a UFC contract by being the next Ultimate Fighter.

Wagner made his debut on 01/06/06 against Matt Justice at AFC 5 with a win (N/A).

He would look to fight again on 06/30/06 and add another win to his record but would not be successful in his second bout…Wagner would lose to Sunia Filikitonga via TKO 11 seconds into round two.

Wagner would go for 2-1 in his next 3 bout with two wins over Nick Rogers (KO), Joel Traves (TKO) and a loss by Chris Blaire via Submission (Armbar).

His lose against Blaire would be his last as he went on a three fight win streak against Steve Pilkington via Submission (Armbar), Matt Anderson (TKO), and Sherman Pendergarst via Decision (Split).

Abe Wagner looks to take his three fight win streak into the TUF house and continue to win all the way to a UFC contract.

JUSTIN WREN (6-1-0):

Justin Wren weighs in at 264 and loves to use all that force into his punches as 83.33 of his wins are by (T) KO’s…Ouch.

Wren made his MMA debut against Ronald Stackhouse with a TKO win at MOTC 7… Wren would capitalize on that first win and would roll onto beat Brian Ewers via TKO and Justin Howard via TKO (Punches).

Wren would suffer his first loss though in his next bout at the hands of Matt Thompson via TKO.

Justin Wren would come back after that loss to put together another three fight win streak with two wins by TKO and one by Submission… Wren would score those wins over Tony Guined (Submission), Ralph Kelly via TKO (Corner Stoppage), and a TKO victory over Chris Guillen.

Can Justin Wren add up his (T) KO percentage while competing on The Ultimate Fighter?

MIKE WESSEL (6-1-0):

Mike Wessel didn’t waste time to put together a fighting win streak as he would go on a six fight tear in till his most recent bout against Antoni Hardonk.

Wessel would debut against Matt Thomas on 10/27/07 at AOW—Art of War 4 which he would win by KO… He would meet Thomas once again in his second fight and would win once again via TKO.

He would go onto get his second TKO on his fight record over Mark Bier… Feeling really comfortable with his fighting efforts he would go on to win three fights in a row against Patrick Castillo Decision (Split), Rudy Lindsey (Decision), and Aaron Winterlee (Submission).

With six fights in a row under his belt he caught the attention of the UFC and would get his shot to have success in the octagon… Wren would make his UFC debut against Antoni Hardonk but would lose at UFC 92—The Ultimate 2008 via TKO (Punches).

Now Wessel has a second chance to make his name in the UFC by competing on this seasons The Ultimate Fighter.


Kimbo Slice seems to be the main attraction to this season The Ultimate Fighter as many questions arise from his name when questioned about TUF.

There are two types of fans that will be tuning in when it comes to Kimbo on one side it will be the people who want to see Slice succeed to see Mr. Dana White eat his words and look shameful… Now on the other side are the people who simple want to see Kimbo Slice exposed once again and prove that Kimbo has no place in MMA.

Like everyone knows by now Kimbo made his name on the world of by airing his back yard brawls for a cash prize.

Kimbo was unstoppable when it came to straight up street fight brawling but a question arose of could Kimbo Slice succeed in the world of MMA.

Due to his popularity Elite XC signed the Internet sensation immediately as they figured Kimbo = Ratings which it did as Elite XC still has the record for the most ratings for a prime time MMA show.

Kimbo would make his MMA & EXC debut against Bo Cantrell at EXC—Renegade on 11/10/07 via Submission (Punches) with 19 seconds into round 1.

He would go onto face former UFC veteran Tank Abbott at Elite XC—Street Certified with another win via KO (Punches).

After that win true MMA fighters and fans started to question the lack of competition being thrown at Kimbo and question if he could really hang in MMA.

So Elite XC required James Thompson but the fight would still leave open question as Kimbo won by TKO (Punches) as Kimbo ruptured Thompson’s mega cauliflower ear.

So Elite XC set up another fight for Kimbo at Elite XC—Heat with another UFC veteran Ken Shamrock…But the fight would be slashed as Ken Shamrock was cut above his eye while sparing to prepare for his fight with Slice.

Shamrock would then be replaced last minute by past competitor on the original TUF Seth Petruzelli… Seth would take this opportunity to stun Kimbo and the world of MMA by beating Slice with a TKO (Punches).

After this event Elite XC would come to an abrupt close and left Kimbo’s career in question… It would look like Slice would move onto Strikeforce with fellow EXC competitors but then there were rumors of Kimbo maybe even boxing but the big swerve would come full circle.

Dana White Stated the only way Kimbo would enter the UFC is if he would compete and win on The Ultimate Fighter… So Kimbo Slice stepped up to the challenge and will compete on this seasons TUF.

Now will Kimbo be successful and make Dana eat a big helping of crow? Or will Kimbo be shot down once again and expose his fighting skills are not right for MMA?

Watch and see…


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